Make a Small Solar Panel – A Simple How to Make a Solar Panel Guide For the Non Scientist

In this economic climate many people are thinking about whether it is possible to make a small solar panel in order to cut electricity costs. Well it is very possible, and very easy.

If you shop around carefully for parts you should be able to get one up and running for around 200 dollars.In addition, as long as you have good instructions it's not a very difficult job at all. Anyone of average intelligence should be able to knock one up in a weekend.

So let's have a look at how to make a small solar panel.

A solar panel is essentially a shallow box containing several solar cells.

So first, you have to construct a shallow box. The size of this box is the size of your solar panel. There are various materials you can use here. I've found that wood is the easiest to work with, but plastic stands up to rain, hail and snow better.

Then, you wire these solar cells together carefully and attach a small diode to each one. You do not need a degree in electrical engineering for this part, just to know which bit goes where.

Next, you front the box with clear glass or plastic so the sun can get to it.

Finally, you seal the box carefully to protect it from the elements. This is important. You can not let any moisture get in.

All that really remains is to point the solar panel at the sun and attach it to a good battery with an inverter. This inverter will change the electrical current from the DC you are producing to the AC that most things in your house use.

And that's it. You've made a solar panel!