Make a Solder Free Stained Glass Box

Solder free stained glass boxes are fun to make. You can make these boxes to hold jewelry, mementos, or anything else you want. Their size can be customized to your need or space. In just an hour, you can make one of theses boxes.

To make a square or rectangular box, cut a piece of glass or mirror for the bottom of the box. The size of this piece will be the size of the box you want to make. To cut the sides of the box, first determine how deep you want the box. Then cut 2 pieces of glass that is the same length as the glass you cut for your bottom piece by the height you desire. Then cut 2 more pieces, the width of the bottom piece minus 1/4 inch (the thickness of the glass times 2) and by the same height you cut the other two pieces. The last 2 pieces you need to cut is for the top of the box. Using the bottom glass for you pattern, cut one piece of glass that is 1/2 inch bigger on all four sides and one piece that is 1/4 inch smaller on all four sides.

Once all your pieces are cut, lightly grind all the edges. Then clean and dry all the pieces and you are ready to assemble your box. To assemble box, you will need Weldbond glass glue. It is strong and it dries clear.

Using a thin line of glue on the edges of the side glass and attach them to the outer surface perimeter of your bottom piece. Do this one piece at a time. If excess glue squeezes out, use a damp q-tip to wipe off excess. Once all four sides of your box are glued, set it aside to dry. To make the top of your box, center the smaller top piece on the larger top piece. Use only a few small dots of glue to adhere these two pieces together. Let all pieces thoroughly dry (24-48 hours).

To embellish the top of your box, you can attach glass nuggets or whatever else you would like.