Make Money From Your Spare Change

Spare change is something we all have lying around somewhere. Whether it’s tucked away nicely in the trusty ole piggy bank, lost in the couch cushions or riding around in your cup holder there is one thing you can know for sure. If it’s not being put to use then it’s not making you a penny.

Let’s briefly explore just a few of the possibilities that could be easily done for you to make money from your spare change:

1. Roll it and take it to the bank! Even with the ridiculously low interest rates our financial institutions are offering now it is still more than that ole piggy bank is paying you to store it for you. If you don’t have the time or the patience to roll the change yourself most institutions now have machines to do it for you for a small fee.

2. If you or your spouse happens to possess a talent for making something then use the money to buy supplies to make things and resell them. My wife has been making hair bows and selling them for over a year now and the only thing it cost us out of pocket was the initial trip to the arts and crafts store. Everything since has paid for itself. From fall festivals, arts and crafts shows and of course the internet there is an endless supply of opportunities to sell your product.

3. Start a coin collection. Collecting coins has been a hobby of people around the globe since the first coins were made years ago. The value of some of these collections is astronomical and is continuing to grow. A popular collection today is the state quarters and most of these coins are easily obtainable. Having a coin collection also doubles as some really good family time as you can sit and sort through the coins with the kids.

4. One last possibility which happens to be my personal favorite is to take the money and invest it in your future. There are so many opportunities out there today both on and offline that can be taken advantage of with little to know startup expense. And considering the change was in fact just money you had lying around the house you can afford to take a chance on one of those many business ideas that have been bouncing around in your head for years.

These are just a few of the endless list of strategies you could employ to make money from your spare change!