Make Your Own Corset Top

In the past, corset tops were used like a bra, as a breastfeeding support for ladies. But through the years, these pieces have metamorphosed into the epitome of sexy inner or outer wear. Making a corset top is very simple with these instructions.

You will need the following to make your corset:

– Material in two colors (one solid, one patterned)

– Pair of scissors

– Tape measure

– Satin ribbon (one length of each thin and thick)

– Grommet punch and grommets

– Any other accessories of your choice like ribbon, lace etc.

The panels need to be measured and cut to your size. Measure the size of your bust with a tape measure. Add an inch to allow for the seams. This will be taken as your total chest size. Next, take the measurement from armpit to waistline (or the length you prefer for the corset top) and again, add an inch to allow room for the seam. This will be used for the length of your corset.

Depending on if your bust width is smaller or larger, your front panel should measure nine to eleven inches out of the solid panel of fabric. Cut out a rectangular piece of the solid colored fabric that is the corset length across this front panel size (9 "- 11") in length. You can easily find out the measurement of the side panel if you know the front panel, just subtract the width of the front panel from your chest size. If you want to be able to open from the back of the corset then you should subtract 4-6 inches from that. The amount of skin that is showing at the back of your corset top will be the inches you subtract from your side panel. Convert the measurement onto your other chosen fabric (the patterned fabric). After that, the next step is to cut a rectangle across by your corset length that is about the size of your side panel. After you've cut it, fold this piece in half and cut down the fold to leave you with two identical side panels.

Connect the panels together by sewing them evenly. First step is to straight stitch your left side panel to your front panel & second step is to stitch on your right front panel. Attach a panel to the front by first laying the panel face down on the front of the corset top and stitching it in place. In doing this, you will prevent the seam from being visible once you unfold the two pieces. To avoid any rough edges from fraying on your corset top, add a zigzag seam above the straight stitch.

Now, create the hem. With the side panel you will need to add the sides to your hem. Along the very top portion of your corset, fold a half inch hem; fold the material left over to the inside of the corset top. To have a straight edge in the end you will want to iron the edge flat. You will want to make sure to sew a straight stitch from the top to the bottom of your corset. Repeat this process at the bottom and sides of the corset. There should not be any uneven edges to the corset top once you are finished.

Fasten a ribbon on the front of the corset. Tie your ribbon in half and lay the middle of it on the bottom of your front panel. Put a pin in its place. Creating a criss-cross pattern as you go, angle the ribbon upward to either edge of the front panel, similar to the path of a shoelace. Every time you fold the ribbon put a pin in it. When you are sure the ribbon is even, then stitch it into place. On the top of the corset, use the leftover ribbon to tie a bow.

Grommets should be added. Next it is time to add the grommets along the back of your corset. When creating your own corset top, you will first lay out your grommets to see how they are going to look. Proceed to punch the corresponding number of holes in both sides. Be careful to ensure the grommet holes are spaced at an equal distance. Lacing the back ribbon is the last step – you will do this after you have your grommets in the correct spot. To create a criss-cross pattern on the front or your corset top, use the thicker ribbon.

Show your creativity in your corset top by finishing it with any extra ribbons or other embellishments of your choice.