Make Your Own Green Household Cleaners

I hate household cleaners with the warning “use in well ventilated area”. I started looking for alternatives and remembered my grandmother showing me how to use ordinary household items, without any chemicals, to clean in and around the house.

You need the following:

Spray Bottles


Epsom Salt

Bicarbonate of Soda

Liquid Dishwashing soap – with Lemon juice

Scrubbing Sponges

Good Scrubbing Brushes


Mix the tile cleaner as follows:

2 – 3 tablespoons of Dishwashing liquid in 4 litres of hot water

1 tablespoon epsom salts

¼ cup Vinegar

The dishwashing liquid gets rid of all the dirt.

The epsom salts works like a scrubbing agent.

The vinegar leaves a natural shine and the dog hates the smell.

Use your regular mob. The vinegar will also help to keep your mob fresh.

Use Regularly

Tip: When you clean your bathroom, you can add the epsom salt to your cleaning liquid. It’ll work as a scrubbing agent, causing the surfaces to shine.

The next mixture is for use of lime deposits around taps.

Dirty tile grout.

Lime and soil stains on tile floors.

Remove lime from electrical kettle.

Burnt food stuck in pots.

How to use to remove lime deposits around taps, dirty tile grout and stains on tile floors.

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and heat in microwave, remember to only close the bottle once the vinegar is hot.

Fill a salt shaker with bicarbonate of soda.

Spray the area with the vinegar and sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda.

The mixture will start to fizz and bubble. Leave it for a while.

Depending on the type stains, you can wipe it down, scrub it or use a knife to get rid of the hard deposits of your stain.

Repeat until you’re satisfied with the results. Rinse with clean water and use a soft cloth to dry and shine the area treated.

Tip: You can use the same,mixture to clean the brass handles of your home windows.

Remove lime from kettle.

Submerge the kettle element completely with vinegar.

Allow the kettle to boil the vinegar.

Take kettle to the basin, add a half teaspoon of Bicarbonate of soda.

The mixture will start fizzing and fill the kettle.

Repeat if necessary.

Rinse with clean water. Fill the kettle with clean water. Bring to boil and rinse again.

Your kettle is now ready for use.

Burnt food stuck in a pot.

Add enough vinegar in the pot to cover the burned matter. Once covered, add another ½ a cup of vinegar. Bring to boil.

Remove from stove and put into the basin. Add a teaspoon bicarbonate of soda.

Depending on how heavily the pot is burned, either leave it for two hours to bubble and fizz or leave it overnight.

The burnt food will no longer cling to the bottom of the pot. Remove it from the pot and if there are still spots left, scrub it and rinse well. If you damaged the pot because of the burnt food, rather replace it.

To remove smells from dog blankets

You will need the following:

Spray Bottle.


Citronella Oil – from the Chemist.

Pour +- 250 mlhot water water in the spray bottle and add 2-3 teaspoons of citronella oil.

Shake bottle vigorously to mix the ingredients.

Spray the mixture over the dog blankets and baskets.

Add Citronella oil, mixed with hot water to the rinse cycle of your washing machine when washing the blankets. It will smell fresh and keep bugs away for a while.

Tip: You can use the above mixture to freshen up your home too.