Make Your Own Solar Panel – Don’t Buy Solar Panels

The energy cost is increasing day by day and simultaneously the cost of electricity is also increasing. The energy resources are also getting scarce day by day and therefore its time for the people to understand about the uses of the renewable energy resources. Energy of sun and wind are renewable sources of energy which can be used for number of purposes. The energy from the sun if used with the solar panel can help you to bring down your electricity bill to zero and therefore reduce the dependence on the fossil fuels.

Make your own solar panel

You can easily get the solar panels in the market which are made up of silicone of high quality. Why to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars if you can make your own solar panel? Making solar panel is not at all difficult job. In order to build a working solar panel all you need is a little effort, simple materials like electric stove, solar cells, copper wire, plastic or glass container of wide mouth, a multi-meter, copper sheet etc.

Before you start building a solar panel select or identify a place in your garden, roof or backyard where the sun rays are received the most. Solar cells should receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to work effectively.

A solar cell can easily make a solar power panel. This is how you can make your own solar panel. Place the solar cells or stack the solar cells horizontally and connect these cells which each other. After connecting the solar cells start of with cutting the sheet of copper which can match the size of the electric stove you have purchased. Clean the copper sheet with the help of sand paper as it will eliminate any traces of sulphide. Then start the electric stove to the maximum till the copper sheet changes its color and becomes a thick layer of black coat. Then slowly and steadily make efforts to cool the copper sheet and the stove. When you cool off the copper sheet you will find the layer of red cuprous oxide on the sheet. After this process join the red cuprous copper sheet with a clean copper sheet using the alligator clips and put it into a plastic or glass contained which has a wide mouth making sure that they do not get in touch with other and fill the container with saltwater leaving the clips dry. Ensure that you connect the red cuprous sheet with the negative terminal. Then connect the solar panel to a battery or inventor.That is how you make your own solar panel.

The sun light is captured by the solar collector which focuses the sun light energy into solar cells which then converts the sun light into electricity.