Making a Black Light Poster – Your Complete Guide

A black light poster is fashioned by fluorescent inks that respond to ‘black’ light or the ultraviolet rays. Under usual circumstances, it appears bright and vibrant, though when exposed to the ultraviolet rays, it astoundingly glows in the dark. Here is a simple guide in making one.

Fluorescent ink attracts ultraviolet light and discharges it as a visible and very vivid light. This makes the poster appear like glowing once the black light is switched on. You should make sure that you browse through the variety of craft paints that are fluorescent, thus you can create it with your favorite hues and shades.

You will need brushes, fluorescent poster paints, permanent marker (black), scissors, stencils, pictures, poster board, glue, pencil and tape. You can either purchase the stencils or you can make your own. If you want to design your stencil, you just have to tape or glue your preferred picture or photograph onto a piece of cardboard and just get the main shapes and images. Mark your stencils out onto a poster board. Make use of a standard graphite pencil, and trace the figure with sufficient force to create a light line.

Making black light poster will require you to use permanent marker to darken the lines. This will result to having bold border between your chosen images. Gather your poster paints. You should then turn the lights off, open the black light and assess the paints. Note that the colors they reflect under the black light are the colors that will appear on your poster.

After selecting the colors, paint the shapes on your poster. Don’t forget to apply a fairly dim colored paint in the background of the poster. If you want it with a wild effect and appeal, it’s best to make use of UV paint. Though it appears clear under normal light, it glows daringly when exposed.