Making a Craft Stick Birdhouse

I made one of these for my mother who collects birdhouses. This turned out really cute, they can be used as ornaments for the holidays or for anyone who likes birdhouses.

A hot glue gun is required for this project. First, it is best to have a pattern. I used a piece of cardboard for my pattern. I drew out the walls and ceiling the size I wanted (approx 6 small craft sticks for each wall) on to the cardboard. I then cut the pieces out. I drew a line on the sticks, the height I needed and simply cut the sticks with a pair of heavy duty scissors.

After you have cut all your pieces, glue the sticks to the cardboard pattern. To assemble, stand the walls of the house up to each other, run a bead of glue inside, between the walls, attaching them. The roof of the house was done in a similar way, by gluing the sticks to the roof pattern. In order to get a slanted roof, I cut out two small triangular pieces the size I needed. If you can not get the craft sticks as small as you like, due to splintering, just paint the card board the same color you are going to paint the bird house.

Attach the triangle cardboard pieces to the front and back wall of the bird house. Then attach the roof pieces by gluing them to the triangles. Once the birdhouse was assembled, I painted it and added the opening of the house by painting a black circle on the front. I finished up by gluing a piece of raffia to the back for hanging. This technique is not just for bird houses, you could make these in different sizes and make your own little village.

Supplies Needed:

Wooden craft sticks (Popsicle sticks)
Craft paint
Heavy scissors
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Raffia or ribbon (for hanging)
Small mushroom birds