Making a Lean to Shed – Steps For Constructing A Slant Roof Shed

DIY home improvement projects can help keep busy, especially when it comes to improving the look of our homes. Making a lean to shed will make your yard look more organized and give it a more “homey” feeling.

A lean to shed is normally used for storage of firewood, animal feed, grill storage and outdoor equipment. Before preparing, make sure to decide if it will stand by itself or would require support of another building. While planning, it would be a good idea to pick the color of paint to buy it in advance.

The Perfect Size: By determining the size of the shed you will be able to decide the amount of space needed to fit the things that would be stored. Use a measuring tape to measure the area where the lean to shed will be on. Also calculate the height and width for estimate of dimensions.

Begin with a Sketch: Start out this process by referring to the pictures of lean to sheds to find a suitable one, and then sketch it out. However, you will also need to include the calculations and measurements to figure out how much lumber and other supplies would be needed for the entire project.

Lay out the Area: Outline the area that will be used for making a lean to structure with wooden 12 inch stakes, and wrap string tightly around the top of each one to keep others out of that area. A concrete slab base may not be needed if constructing a freestanding style structure. You will need concrete blocks for the shed base. The floor is constructed with 2″x4″ pieces of lumber that need to be cut to a desired length, and 16d galvanized nails will hold the lumber pieces in place. Use 3/4″thick plywood to cover the top of the 2″x4″pieces.

Building the Frame: Frame the walls using your sketch plans, and at each of the corners of the structure add metal braces to reinforce the framing. From there attach the wall framing to the exterior of any building and frame the sides and the front of your lean to structure on the ground. Then lift them into place if constructing a freestanding structure. Secure the wall frames to the floor of the construction.

The Placement of the Door: First determine the position of the door, then use your 2″x4″ lumber pieces that are cut-to-size to build the door frame. Also, use a ready-made door which is a faster way to finish the door on your construction, as it comes with the hinges and hardware needed.

Covering the Shed: Using the 2″x4″lumber planks, nail them to the entire lean to shed area in any pattern of your choosing. A better choice for nails would be the galvanized construction nails. Use hanging plumb line to ensure that your corners are perfectly square.

Constructing the Roof: Using the 2″x4″lumber that is cut to the right size, build the roof rafters on top of the shed. Different styles of roofs require different directions. After deciding on the style, bolt the rafters to the wall frames before installing the plywood. Finally, nail the shingles onto the roof so the interior of the shed will always remain dry.

Finishing Touches: After making a lean to shed, you can finish it by sanding the surface with medium grit sandpaper which will remove rough edges. Primer and paint can also be used for wooden exterior surfaces.