Making Money With Heavy Equipment


One Market that makes big money is the Heavy Equipment market which I have done lots of research on and bought many machine for great prices. The thing is that it takes a while to get the hang of this market. There is lots to know about buying heavy equipment but once you find out the right machine you will be set. As we all know our economy is still growing and new construction projects are forming along the way. with forming of projects their is always going to be a demand for tools, supplies and most of all heavy equipment. Now most of you are thinking that it is nearly impossible to afford heavy equipment due to its expensive cost; but your mistaken these machines are pretty affordable, I could say the machines that I own are priced between 3 to 40 thousand dollars and most of them are fairly newer machines as well. Now you may wonder where I must of got these machines and thats a simple question to answer; auctions; but do not be fooled it was not any auction I had to attend a very large auction totaling about 1 to 2 thousand machines maybe even more and many people from all over the country flying and driving just to attend this auction. This is one very large auction lasting 2 to 3 day just getting rid of everything that you see. This information is to just get you motivated into thinking about a great business to start, If you are interested, Just visit my site listed below by contacting us for any questions you may have.

Buying Heavy equipment is probably one of the most exciting things that I have done. I like the task of finding the right machine; Once I do, I know that machine is going to make money for me no matter what. Some of you maybe wondering how on earth are able to make money from these machine; well their is many ways. One of them is renting the machine which on average you can make $600 a day, resell them for 3 to 4 thousand dollars extra, or depending on which brand of machine that is bought such as Caterpillar you can export them and sell them for double the price that it was bought for. Now does that sound like enough money for you? But the thing is figuring out how these money making matters are done. Like I said these machine are high in demand so it would not be that large of a task to have machines getting sold ,rented or exported.

The auction that I usually attend to is run by a very large heavy equipment auctioneer company called Alex Lyon, I usually attend the one in Atlantic City, New Jersey; which is one of the largest auctions that they hold for the year. There are other company’s similar to Alex Lyon as well which I will list below. The auctions are very intense they go around the clock bidding, they do not stop until everything is sold. If your new to the auctions, I suggest that you do not bid the first time and that you attend these auctions, just look around and see how things run and get a feel of how competitive the bidders can be. usual the more the machines the less the prices are and the less competitive.

Usually a good machine that is of decent size that runs and operates fine could cost you between 10 to 40 thousand dollar it also matters what brand of machine your buying. The decent machines that are good brands and do not cost much are usually brands such as Hyundai, Samsung, Kobelco, Allis-Chalmers, Case and many more. Those machines where just very few of many other brands. Do not be afraid to buy older machines you would be surprised how well they could run and operate after so many years. I own a 1960 Caterpillar D7 and it runs better then my other machine that was made in 1998.

When buying these machines you need to buy machines that are mostly in demand such as bull dozer’s, wheel loaders, excavators, skid steers and especially backhoes. If you buy machines such as those; things will move much easier and faster for you. I find machines such as these used in job sites all the time and they are mostly rented for large sums of money. When looking over the machines make sure there is no hydraulics Oil leaking at all cause fixing those seals cost big money. Also do not be deceived when a machine looks very clean because most of them are usually painted to make them look clean, you would be surprised how many they paint just to sell them. Also if possible buy a set of machine keys they usually cost about $30 on eBay they really do wroth buying it to help determinate lots of problems we all know this. Usually the diesel engines in those machines run fine; Problems that mostly occur are clutch ,electrical and hydraulic system problems.

Over all If you figure out how to make good money from a market like this you would not like to stop since there is so much to do and cover that you want to know it all. But I recommend to get to know somebody that deals with a market such as this I have one guy that tells me everything about these machine and all the things that you can do with them to make money, I can not say I gave you the best information here but I am still learning this market as well but I find it a very fun and enjoyable market to be in theirs lots of movement and lots of demand in it get to know. For any Question to be answered please

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