Making the Picture Necklace Which Is Soldered

The picture necklace which is soldered or the soldered picture necklace can be your choice for the handmade or personalized jewelry or accessories fans. The necklace is made from the slides of the microscope which can fit for your jewelry collection.

Before you start the process to make the necklace, it is better for you to prepare the tools. You will need the tools like the microscope slides (rectangle and square), scissors, flat decorative items, foil tape, glue which has the industrial strength, needle-nose pliers, flux, jump ring, ball chair or the necklace cord, and the soldering iron.

For who still do not know where to get the tools, here are some tips. You may find the microscope slides in the local hobby shop. It is better for you to visit the hardware store to get the other supplies for the soldering process and the foil tape. You may want to find the interesting logo, postage stamps, message, photos, or even pressed flowers to be displayed on the necklace. The important thing for you is finding the things which can be pressed between the microscope slides. You can keep the necklace or give them to other people as the gifts. If you are getting better and can produce more beautiful necklace, you can sell them.

Follow the steps below to make the necklace. First, you need to clean your working area from the dust or debris. You can start to work by tracing the slides to the two photos and clippings. Trim them so they can fit. You have to glue the photo’s backsides so they can join together. Smooth the photos with your fingers so you can seal together. You must wait for the photos to dry.

The next step is pressing the two-sided of the decorative material between the two slide. Hold them together by using the foil tape. Mix the flux with some drops of water until you can get the flux paste which then you apply the paste to the tape. Placing the jewelry jump ring on the center’s top and joins it to the frame. Do not forget to heat the soldering iron. It is better for you to heat it and place it in the iron’s holder. It is to avoid the hot tip accidentally touch your hand or the things around your work area.

After the iron is hot enough, you need to solder the area which is covered with the flux. After the slide is dry and has the solid structure, you can put the necklace cord, lace, ball chain, suede cord, and other necklace material.