Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

You don’t have to have your TV or radio on very long before you hear the words “Going Green”. It seems everybody is talking about it and I am no exception. I recently learned that when having a home built there are some simple options that can make your home 23% more energy efficient. Some of these options can be implemented after the home is built, it’s just more cost effective to do it while the home is being built.

Start at the basics… insulation. There are several types of insulation. The one you will want for the most energy savings is Spray Applied Cellulose. This product goes on wet and takes 24 hours to dry. The mixture contains moisture retardant to prevent mold growth in your home for years to come. Spray Cellulose creates a better seal than most insulation and it reduces noise from the outside and from room to room.

The next step in saving yourself some green is Radiant Barrier Roofing. Radiant Barrier Roofing reflects radiation heat. It doesn’t block any other type of heat such as conduction or convection but one thing is for sure…your attic will be 20-30% cooler that your neighbors who didn’t opt for the Radiant Barrier Roofing.

The finishing touch on your energy efficient structure should be Low Emissivity Glass for your windows. Low-e glass reflects radiation and keeps radiant heat on the outside while letting the light pass through it. This will product your paint and furniture from fading as well as saving you money on energy costs during the summer.

Hopefully, in the future, these steps won’t be an option. Hopefully, they will be part of building codes but until then make the best decision for you and your planet.