Makita LCT300W – The Cordless Three-Piece Combo Kit

As a worldwide manufacturer of industrial power tools, Makita offers a wide variety of products to workers in a variety of professions. Its “applied cutting edge technology” and “best in class engineer solutions,” offer quality products both comfortable and convenient to the power tool operator. In this article we will be talking about the Makita LCT300W, a three piece combo kit, the easy solution for your driving, drilling and screw fastening needs. And it’s all in a compact kit. The LCT300W is a compact lithium ion rechargeable kit that caters to the needs of the professional; yet it’s simple enough for any beginner to use.

The Makita LCT300W has a compact and versatile ½” driver-drill, as well as a commanding impact driver that weighs about 2.8 pounds. The complete kit also provides a rechargeable flashlight, making it easy for the operator to work in the hardest most out of the way places. This package draws its energy from an 18 volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be recharged by the Energy Star rated Makita Rapid Optimum charger. It’s a “best in its class cordless solution,” and it drills and drives its way through anything a professional can throw at it.

The Makita LCT300W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-ion Cordless Kit features a built-in four-pole torque motor that provides an output of 450 inch-pounds and 285 inch-pounds of PTI torque for the drill-driver. This machine contains a two-speed metal transmission that provides 0-450 RPMs at low speed and a maximum of 1500 RPMs at high speed, making it easy for you to choose a variety of driving and drilling settings. The speed you choose will depend on the job and the material on which it’s being carried out.

Makita designed the LCT300W to be ergonomically favorable, with a handle that fits easily like a glove to lessen operator fatigue. Its built-in LED light provides enough illumination for work in even the darkest of places. The kit also contains two 18 volt rechargeable batteries and an optimum charger, so it’s ready for those unexpected jobs in the workplace that can’t wait.

The built-in four-pole motor that the Makita LCT300W comes with, delivers 1280 inch-pounds of torque with 2300 RPMs and 3200 impacts per-minute, providing the user with a range of settings to choose from to meet the needs of any type of job. The hammer and anvil impact mechanism has been manufactured from the strongest materials available as well as the highest quality of steel.