Male Slave Teasing Ideas

The best male slave teasing ideas come from the knowledge that your man wants you to allow him the pleasure of orgasm… but craves you to exercise your feminine power and say “NO!” right at the time when he wants and needs to orgasm the most.

So, here are three simple but effective…

Male slave teasing ideas

Before we begin, though, it’s important you understand one thing: hard as it is to see your man ‘suffering’ like this, and hard as it is to ignore his begging and pleading for you to be merciful and less cruel with your teasing and orgasm denial, you must realise this is what he wants, and if you do show mercy he will not thank you for it and will complain and say you should have been stricter and more forceful.

So, with that in mind…

  1. Restrain him face-up on the bed and with a generous handful of lube, take his penis in your hand and slowly slide your hand up and down. The lube is essential here because the sensations will drive him mad and the reduced friction will make it almost impossible for him to orgasm unless you really want him to. In other words, you are going to have an incredible amount of control. As you sense him getting close to orgasm, slow down and just before the point of ‘no return’, stop entirely and just watch his face. For added torture, this is the point when you can (and should) remind him he is not going to be coming for a long time, perhaps months. Once he’s cooled down, start again, repeating the process as many times as you need to so you have completely enslaved.
  2. Bend him over a table or similar, restrain his wrists and ankles, and then slowly milk his testicles/scrotum just as you’d milk a cow. You might find this hard to understand, but believe me, it will drive him wild. The trick to this one is, again, plenty of lube, and a two-handed motion with your finger and thumb encircling scrotum – meaning as you stroke down from the base of his penis with one hand and reach the bottom of your movement, immediately start stroking down with the other hand. Within a few minutes he will be begging you to allow him to come. I ‘treat’ my husband John to this at least once a week, and yet he is now allowed just one orgasm a year. As you can imagine, this keeps him in line.
  3. Use him as a ‘toy’ but don’t ever let him inside you.This takes a lot of self control. In essence you use his penis as a ‘toy’, stroking it around your sex to stimulate you, but all the while taking care NOT to let him inside you and definitely not allowing him to orgasm. This is best done with you on top, but you can do it the other way, too, by lying underneath him.

Some women women like to keep their slaves entirely chaste, as in giving them no sexual contact at all. I think this is a mistake because it’s easy for a man to get bored of this, and if there’s nothing to look forward to, then there’s no reason for him to obey or to be diligent in serving you.

To my mind, one orgasm a year is enough for him to be looking forward to, yet allows for regular and very cruel teasing as I’ve just described.

You know the Internet is full of hype and nonsense about orgasm denial and male chastity, and if you’re SICK and TIRED of it, then get sane, sensible and sound advice from a genuine 24/7 couple who are living this lifestyle for real.