Mallet Putters – Why the Pro’s Are Turning to Mallets Over Blades!

More and more these days the pros are turning their hand away from the traditional Blade style putter in favour of the Mallet Putters which we are starting to see more and more of in the golfing world today. The more experienced and professional golfers out of the bunch are still tending to opt for their trusty Blade style putter simple because they have the skill set to actually use it effectively. But for new or newer golfers putting with accuracy isn’t that easy and it’s something which many golfers often struggle with, hence the Mallet Putter. Mallet Putters assist golfers in many ways when taking their putting swing and they have many benefits over the traditional Blade Putter. It’s major benefits include the following:

  1. Popularity – The increasing popularity of the Mallet quite honestly speaks enough for itself, many major brands including Taylormade, Callaway, Ping and many others are now manufacturing and distributing Mallet Putters in their thousands so there is clearly a market for them. The reason there is a market for them is because they are so good at helping golfers to do what they do best – play golf!
  2. New Designs – When Mallet Putters first arrived on the market it was difficult for golfers to like them, they were large, cumbersome and clumsey. But with the increased popularity of the mallet, manufacturers are getting increased feedback and are able to provide a solution to this feedback in the way of product improvements. This is why, today, we are seeing better putters being bought out every month.
  3. Improved Features – There are perhaps 3 major features to most Mallet Putters which enable them to react better than their nearest rival, the Blade Putter. These three features are:

    • The size/weight of the Mallet head – The larger than normal weight and size of the head of the Mallet Putter gives it a much better forward control and moment of intertia which prevents the twisting which we quite often see in common Blade Putters. Thus the person hitting the ball has more opportunity to concentrate on where they are hitting the ball rather than how they are hitting the ball.
    • Improved Alignment – This kind of Putter gives much improved alignment to the put. This is achieved by the size/weight of the Mallet head mentioned above as well as by the overall size of the club itself. The club design also has an influence on this by the way the club ‘rod’ has been attached to the head of the Mallet. The method of attachment offers a pool cue type of alignment assistance, enabling the Putter much great accuracy. Alignment is key in putting and the Mallet gives far more alignment support than the Blade which is why many pros are turning to Mallet Putters.
    • Weight of the Putter – The overall weight of the putter is in fact heavier than most of the Blade putters. This weight enables the pro’s to concentrate on the mechanics of their shot whilst the club does the majority of the work.

It’s clear why more and more pro golfers are turning away from Blade Putters and heading for the more popular Mallets, but will this change last or is it just a fad?