Mallet Toe – Causes and Treatment Options

Mallet toe is form of such a foot-related abnormality where the joint close to the toe is bent in such a way that it cause unusual arch. The research revealed several causes of this irregularity. The causes include genetically greater tendency towards developing this issues, acquiring bad habit of wearing uncomfortable and fashionable shoes, and weaker nerves, bones and muscle co-ordination. In case of such shoes, the toe region is constricted and curled which make you inconvenient while walking and standing.

According to severity the symptoms of a Mallet toe may vary. You can get rid of the problematic shoes in order to regain the actual position from bent toe. But, if care is not taken then the muscle tendons would start losing their elasticity and the toe stuck in this position. The treatment of such issues might be tricky, so wherever such symptoms are visible, you should immediately seek advice from podiatrist or a physician. Timely diagnosis for appropriate treatment is better and save you from many problems.

The most recommended option that doctors offer to their Mallet toe patient is to use comfortable shoes and avoid those shoes which are narrow at toe region. Because your toe may overlap or excessively rub against the shoe from inside, if there is not sufficient space available for toe. This is an easy cure for patients with initial stages of illness. Other suggested alternates by doctors are shoe-inserts, stress-relieving pads, etc.

Some time doctors use surgical methods when the tendons are relaxed and the pressure on bones is improved through making a small incision. Such surgical corrections are decided by the doctors depending on the age, cause and nature of Mallet toe.

Majorly the cause of this problem is negligence in wearing appropriate footwear. However, the remedy for this toe distortion is by choosing comfortable shoes. Also, do check your feet regularly for any symptoms. If you find any unusually bent toe then consult a professional as early as possible.