Mango Wood Furniture Is The Way Of The Future

Mango furniture appears to be becoming one of the more popular varieties of wood that is available at the moment. Traditionally, hard woods such as oak dominated wooden furniture, but mango wood furniture has more benefits and advantages, which other hard wood materials don’t have. Therefore, it is not surprising that mango wood furniture and in particular the mango wood table is becoming an increasingly popular piece of furniture in our homes.

Wood from Mango trees is proving to be a far more reliable and sustainable product than most alternatives. The fact that the tree grows quickly means that it is far easier to sustain the demand, which has proven to be more difficult with other hard wood materials. As a result, many experts predict that mango trees and their popularity will continue to grow. The trees are mainly harvested for their fruit, but they are now also used to create furniture.

The colors of the trunk of the tree can vary from light to dark brown and some have a hint of pink. This means that the colors can give a wide range of variation in mango wood tables and other furniture products. The fact that it is a hardwood means that it can be more difficult to manufacture, but it is also one of the softest hardwoods found so it has a distinct advantage over other hardwood trees, yet has much of the same sturdy characteristics that soft wood trees do not have.

Mango trees tend to grow to heights of 70 to 80 feet and can be up to 5 feet in diameter, which makes them ideal to be harvested for furniture. Despite the fact that they can be prone to fungus and disease, mango trees are still a great resource and it is easy to identify damaged trees that shouldn’t be used. The fact that they grow so quickly makes them even more advantageous.

Tables Made From Mango Wood

Mango wood tables come in a range of shapes and sizes. Bed side tables, coffee tables and dining tables are all readily available in most countries. The tables are sturdy and ideal for family homes. The wood is very durable so it is very easy to get guarantees on furniture and tables made from the material. It is predicted that due to its sustainability and the fact that it provides a cheaper alternative to hard wood, mango wood furniture will continue to increase in demand.