Manifesting a Miracle With Peaceful Detachment

What are the Higher Selves doing while all this is going on? Are they just busy manifesting miracles on other planets while Earth goes to Cosmic Doo-Doo?

Higher Self phone home! This is the number …. I'm waiting!

I just got the Doctors Without Borders brochure yesterday about their upcoming exhibition here. Oh my gosh after seeing that, can I bear to go and see more? What do I have to give them? And please do not even talk to me about Darfur.

This is BIG. If the billionaires do not stay that way, if the bankers do not manage the zillions properly, what the – can I do?

Breeeeeeathe deeeeply ….. dial 1-HIG-HER-SELF, FAST. I forgot to put it in speed dial and now my fingers are tripping. Get it on speaker – gasp -what is the Word? Oh yeah – I AM.

Okay, everything just got quiet for a second.

What are the therapists and healers doing or saying while I write this? Are they trembling over their 401K reports?

First tip – do not get paralyzed. Read those reports later. Things change and things get better.

Things just did get better for some bankers who will get a bonus off the recent US bailout – I do not know how they regulate it in other countries. I, like many, do not understand how CEO's walk away from dying companies with tens of millions. How is that legal? What are their Higher CEO's thinking? It is a mean puzzle to contemplate.

So here's a new start. "I too can benefit from any situation, for the good of all and harm to no one".

Reality manifests from things we have thought and felt previously. So do more, now, of any Law of Attraction process you have, than you did yesterday. Schedule a couple of extra breaks, sneak into a stairwell and look at your kids' photos for a minute. Or your new puppy's, or look out the window at some trees for 2 minutes. I know the trees are rooting for us.

It can get worse – but has anything actually changed for you in your immediate surroundings in the past 2 weeks? For many, if they did not come into contact with any media, they would not know.

If the human drama and emotional energy overtakes you now, what will happen next? Something to the vibration of the fear and uncertainty that is ricocheting now. So go for peaceful detachment.

Whatever has ever worked for you in practicing deliberate conscious creation, right now is the time to do it double. You can take intelligent precautions by knowing what could happen next without poisoning your nervous system.

If the people at the gym are talking about how bad it is right now say "is not it great that the gym is still open?"

Whatever situation you are in, keep creating and vibrating with the idea of ​​having all the help you need. Keep saying thank you for every little thing. Get back to your envisioning and other reality creations.

Probably a lot of those women over there in the refugee camps in Darfur who have to manage food and water rations every day, (when they have them) could run a better banking system for the world. They know what really matters.

Check on what you mean by miraculous in your mind. Edit, cut / paste as needed, and remember THE POWER that has created all you have now, and while some things may leave your life, maybe room is needed for something you prefer.

Getting a little peaceful detachment now IS manifesting a miracle. And will create more of same.