Manifesting Abundance – The Fallacy Behind the Law of Attraction

Let’s face it. You’re pretty pissed off.

You were sold a “tool” for manifesting abundance by the name of “The Law of Attraction” and were told it would solve ALL your problems in life.

You were told that it will bring you vast amounts of wealth, numerous possessions, peace of mind, great relationships, top-notch health, you name it. Anything you want, you were told you can have through this law.

So, you read numerous books, went to seminars, and watched that famous movie, “The Secret”, all in hopes of acquiring the skills needed for manifesting abundance in your life.

Yet, after trying this law over and over again, your life is no different: you’re no richer, healthier or happier. You haven’t attracted your ideal mate, your dream job, or any more money into your life.

As a matter of fact, the insult of the whole thing is, when the Law of Attraction does work for you, it brings to you very “trivial” things, like a hat you’ve been looking for at the department store, or you’re flipping through the cable channels and a movie is on that you wanted to see, etc.

Yet, you can’t seem to attract the BIG things.


Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault that the Law of Attraction hasn’t worked for you.

Yes, it isn’t your fault.

What if you had to take an exam in school about American History from 1776 – 1945 and your history book that you were told to study from only covered the Revolutionary War?

You would fail miserably because you’d be missing out on other MAJOR events in American History, for one the Civil war, among many, many other pivotal events.

Well, you’ve been sent to create your own reality using the Law of Attraction, but frankly, that’s not enough.

It’s like me sending you to play a basketball game without you knowing the rules, and telling you that all you have to do is get the ball into the basket.

Did you know that there were other laws besides the Law of Attraction that are involved in manifesting abundance in your life? Laws I might add, that MUST be applied if you want to be successful at reality creation.

For one, there’s the Law of Detachment, which dictates the correct mindset one must have when using the Law of Attraction. Not knowing this law has been one of biggest reasons why people fail at manifesting abundance in their lives, and knowing how to properly apply this law can actually speed the rate at which things come to you.

Yes, really, it can.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what has been left out of the equation of the laws and principles that are involved in reality creation.

Don’t get me wrong, the Law of Attraction works, but when it is promoted as the be all and end all of reality creation it becomes a fallacy, causing many disillusioned people who are woefully unprepared to manifest their dreams.