Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual lymph drainage also known as MLD is a gentle massage system that helps in encouraging the circulation of the lymphatic fluid naturally within the body. It is a common treatment that is given to most patients who suffer from lymphedema, where the lymph nodes are blocked usually in the legs as well as the arms. This massage system was first devised during the 1930’s in Europe to remove and detoxify the body of regular waste that it collects. However it has been understood that the manual lymph drainage is effective for proper working of the lymphatic system.

The therapist who performs the massage therapy is a certified MLD therapist. The massage is performed by gentle massaging that is aimed at helping the lymph fluid flow so as to avoid any kind of blockages that could occur in the lymph vessels. The gentle massage and circulation helps in letting the lymph flow without any obstruction so that it gets rid of all the toxins from within the body.

Manual lymph drainage therapy does not require any kind of lotion or oil to aid in the massage therapy. The therapists massages the lymph nodes with bare hands on the patient’s bare skin, with the right amount of pressure applied on the nodes, blocked nodes are opened and the fluid is released from the body. These strokes are gentle strokes that are accompanied with circular motions and are directed towards the heart. This helps in stretching the lymph node walls and it helps in drainage of lymph fluid.

A few of the methods that the therapist applies during manual lymph drainage is the pump technique, stationary circles, rotary technique and the scoop strokes. All of these techniques are gentle pressure application through the fingers, thumbs and even palms. The wrists are responsible for lessening and applying the pressure whenever it is required.