Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage therapy is a technique that involves very gentle manual massages that is said to aid in the flow of lymph fluid within the vessels and nodes. This therapy is excellent in treating patients who suffer from lymphedema and experience swellings due to congestion of the lymphatic fluid. The treatment is an excellent system that helps in removing all the toxic fluid that has gathered in the body and has no outlet because of the nodes being blocked.

The manual lymphatic drainage system is a treatment method that is carried out with bare hands on the skin of the patient by applying the right amount of pressure. This healing touch does not require the usage of oils or even lotions that aid in free flow massage. The touch that is required in MLD is very different from any other types of massages and hence needs to be carried out by experienced therapists. With the application of the right touch and right pressure only will the technique and its outcome be effective.

The manual lymphatic drainage therapy requires the therapists to use gentle precise movements of the hands that usually target the lymph vessels and nodes. The movements are towards the natural flow of the lymph fluid pathways and therefore require a lot of skill and understanding of the watershed and pathway patterns.

Some benefits that patients draw out of the very relaxing manual lymphatic drainage therapy are:

o This therapy helps in the draining of oedemas or swellings that usually occurs because of the breakdown of the mechanical failure of the lymph pathways.

o The lymph flows easily through the nodes from where they purify and filter the system, without which the system becomes sluggish and gathers materials that are toxic.

o Since the immune system is kept clean it is easy to ward off any kind of illness or infection that other wise is easy to contact.