Manufacturing Outrigger Canoes

From the traditional built of an old-town canoe, modern canoe enthusiasts have come up of their own nautical vessels. An outrigger canoe includes a rig which serves as the counterpoise from the canoe’s sides. Two spars are lashed across the gunwale and extends outward which truncates the attachment of a flotation device.

There are two types:

1. Single outrigger canoe has only one attached outrigger and it extend on the port side or the left of the canoe.

2. Double outrigger canoe has outriggers which extend on both sides.

These updated construction of the traditional old town canoe were inspired by the need to come up with a better up-to-date version that is suitable to each canoe enthusiasts interest. Nobody knows for sure how the concept of the outrigger began. However, by attaching two canoes together, it has created a double-hulled canoe which gives more protection from the choppy waters.

However there are limitations for the double outriggers because its primary hull tends to be suspended between two large swells. With the single one, the primary hull is in constant contact with the water. That’s why when it comes to large waves, a single unit can handle the rough water better than the double.

This type of canoe provides increasing stability when sailing and because of the construction of these boats, another sport was made popular: the outrigger canoe racing. This watercrafts are different from the traditional canoe in the sense that these tend to be faster and more stable than the type you use for fishing and other recreational activities.

This unit has branched out a number of sports that appeal to the young. The reason why there are so many manufacturers out there, not just the ones mentioned here, is that this type of racing is fast becoming a competitive sport. Recreational paddlers join in these competitions and spend a majority of their time researching on the best unit that they can get, depending on their style, technique and the cash they can shell out.

Here is a list of outrigger canoe manufacturers:


HYPR not only considers function of the outrigger canoe, it also takes notice of the aesthetic beauty as seen in their designs. Design, technology and production has always been their key in coming up with the best outrigger canoes.

Outrigger connection:

Another proof that we live in an interconnected world, this site also links outrigger enthusiasts to other of their fellow-canoe recreational interested individuals to other parts of the globe – in Australia, Japan, Europe and even in China.

Tiger Canoe:

Since 1994, owner of Tiger Canoe, March Taylor has been constructing quality outrigger canoes. Because he has gained his knowledge from experience, he knows first-hand the design most outrigger enthusiasts look for in a canoe. He knows that appearance, performance and quality are important factors.

Wilder canoes:

If you want a reliable and fast outrigger canoe, go to this site and find the perfect unit for the recreational paddler that you are. They manufacture the best quality with top-notch designs of the up-to-date watercrafts out there.

Confused yet? Well, who can blame you. There are a lot of outrigger canoes to choose from. Quality is also not the one the enthusiast is searching for, he also considers the design of the canoe. Once you find the right outrigger, you’ll just know.