Many Kinds of Scaffolding

If you're ready to do some construction or repair work in high places, then you will need to purchase something that will get and keep you there safely. Scaffolding is what you most likely will need. There are many different kinds of scaffolds and, before you buy, you should take a look at what's out there for you.

Scaffolds are made to support you and your workers, along with building and repair materials, while you are doing your work. Frames and planks are connected together with couplers to make up a scaffold. There are many different types of frameworks that can be designed, depending on what you need.

Scaffolds need to be set up so that they are safe. It is mandatory that if you or your workers will be working up high – more than 12 feet – then adequate training and certification must be done. Scaffolds can be dangerous if certain safety procedures are not followed. They need to be constructed correctly, away from power lines, so that they do not collapse from too much weight or from objects falling on them from above.

One advantage of using a scaffold for high construction work is that they can be built to adhere to your building's contours. A scaffold can be designed in almost any shape desired if specifications are provided ahead of time. There are basically five different types of scaffolds that are used today: Independent (birdcage), single pole, cantilever, hanging bracket and swingstage. Each has its own unique features.

An independent scaffold has several vertical poles (standards) that are connected together by ledgers. It is generally used for work on one level only. A single pole scaffold has only one row of poles and its support depends on the structure that it is placed up against. Cantilever scaffolds are supported by the adjacent structure and attached at one end only. A hanging bracket scaffold has a complex framework with horizontal components supported by the floors inside the adjacent building. Finally, a swingstage scaffolding has a platform that is suspended and can be raised and lowered. These are the most common types of scaffolds and other designs can be customized per your specifications.