Marble Supplies

What does it take for a house to be transformed into an elegant home? Is it the gate? The garden? Sometimes it's the little things and details that count. It's what the windows, doors, walls, and floors are made of. Three types of stones stand out as the favorite of every builder: they are marble, travertine and granite.

One of the favorite materials to use for building or renovating houses and buildings is marble. A rock typically formed through crystallization and change of natural stone to carbonate rocks, marble is a staple in almost every household. It's usually utilized in sculpture, buildings and houses. Marble is also commonly used for the floor, tables and others. It's firm and waxy-like characteristics are two of the best features why people choose marble. It comes in different colors and designs that are perfect for houses with general motifs. Famous sculptures found all over the world are also made in marble.

Another favorite construction material is travertine. Just like marble, travertine is also a rock, particularly, a limestone usually found under and around hot springs. Travertine tiles are frequently used as building materials specifically for patios and garden stairs or paths. Its roughness and holes give this rock its distinct feature to stand out in a household or garden.

Last but not the least in the bunch is granite. Like travertine, granite is also made from a fire, usually from a cooled magma from volcano lava. Granite has been a favorite for centuries now and it does not seem like it's stopping very soon. Granite is known for its grainy texture that is perfect for tables, floors and worktops. It is also available in different colors and designs that are up for grabs.

A notable marble and travertine supplier in Ireland is Efesus Marble. The company is very well known for its customer service and quality marble and travertine that they offer. Efesus Marble has a wide array of choice marble fitted for every customer's need for their homes. Timeless, unique, elegant, classical and natural- these are just five words that describe the high quality rocks that are available in Efesus Marble. Whether it's for your home or business, this company has everything you need to suit your building needs. After the installation of the marble and travertine, maintenance is a big key, and Murray Marble Maintenance and Restoration is perfect for that. They specialize in marble restoration, maintenance and polishing marble so customers are assured that their homes stay elegant and pleasant.

Making a house a home is simply not about family now. It's also about how the house was built and its foundation. Rocks have always been equated as a strong foundation. Knowing these 3 stones and the best resources where you can get them is good information to have. Building a house is an investment and choosing these three rock types, as your materials will definitely be worth the money. They are simply there to put a strong foundation for your elegant house.