Market America Unfranchise – Compensation Plan Business Review

They call it the “unfranchise”. Meaning it is likened to a franchise offering all the benefits of a franchise without the traditional overhead expenses and fees that are associated with a franchise. Market America is a product brokerage and one to one marketing company specializing in Mass Customization. Founded in 1992 by James Ridinger, Market America makes its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The Business Model

Market America is part of the network marketing industry. Each unfranchise owner is encouraged to recruit others into the network of unfranchise owners. By doing so they will create leverage for themselves and their unfranchise business. The requirements to activate and qualify your unfranchise to begin receiving profits is as follows. You must recruit two people one on your left and one on your right side of your business. You must qualify your business by purchasing 200BV worth of product and then remain on an “transfer buy” of 50bv to 150bv each month. (BV is approx. 80% per $1 spent. Example, $100 = 80 BV) Once your network begins to grow your points start accumulating. Upon reaching certain points or bv on your left and right you will start to receive commission checks.

Here are some specific details regarding the binomial compensation plan that Market America uses. First, as stated before you have two sides of your business. To qualify your business you will need to purchase 200 – 600 BV of product, this equates to $350-$1000 worth of product. After that you will be encouraged to spend an additional several hundred dollars in business support materials. Once you qualify your center with your initial purchase you are required to purchase 50BV – 150BV of product per month, depending on your position within the pay plan. We will use an average monthly order of 100bv as we get further into the plan.

Now that you are qualified you must activate your business by sponsoring or recruiting two people one person on the left side and the other on the right. To do this your sponsor will help teach you how to introduce the business and products to people who may have an interest.  Upon activating your center with your two new people you are now able to collect commissions based on the volume created within your two lines or legs.

For this example we are going to talk about the part of the business that matters the most. The residual income that can be generated. To generate an income of $300 you will need 1200 points on your left and 1200 points on your right. The next level is 2400/2400 = $300, 3600/3600 = $300, 5000/5000= $600 for a total payout per cycle of $1500 at that time your volume resets to 0 and this can happen every week.

To make that residual we will use a month as an example. You will need 100 people in your group 50 on the right and 50 on the left each ordering 100 bv worth of product .  This is accomplished by new retail transactions, current distributors buying products they already use from themselves rather than the store and new qualifying orders.   There are several other ways to calculate increased commissions, this includes purchases from partner stores on your web portal as well as bonuses for helping others on your team make money.

In conclusion this compensation plan is better than most MLM or binary compensation plans out there. Market America’s compensation plan is not a scam and is set up in such a way that the average person who applies some effort can create substantial success within this organization.