Marquise Diamonds – Full of History

If you’re looking for a diamond that is versatile, dynamic, and is steeped in history, then a Marquise-cut diamond could be perfect for you. Here we discover all the particulars about this diamond and how it has become a much-loved cut by many.

The Beginning of the Marquise-Cut Diamond

Back in the 1400’s, diamonds became increasingly popular gems used in royal jewellery and as a result various cuts of the precious stone were developed over the years. The creation of the Marquise (pronounced Mar-KEE) is all thanks to King Louis XV of France. He requested for the royal jeweller to create a cut of diamond that was based on the shape of Marchioness Madame de Pompadour’s mouth, his mistress at the time. Jewellers will also often refer to this particular cut as a “Navette Cut.”

Based on the Shape of a Mouth?

While the shape of the Marquise was created to imitate the shape of a woman’s mouth, a more detailed description could be used. If you can picture an oval where each end has been pinched to a point, that would better depict the true design of the Marquise or Navette-Cut diamond.

All in the Detail

The ideal amount of facets in a Marquise-Cut diamond is 56 and the length to width ratio should be 2:1. This particular cut of diamond is often found to be less expensive than its round cut counterparts and it maximises carat weight giving the perception of a much larger looking gem. Because of the various angles of the Marquise, the stone can be breathtaking all on its own or can look equally amazing with accompanying stones either side.

Flexibility in Marquise

Many women love the Marquise; not only for its stunning beauty, but also for the many ways you can have the stone set. Because of the shape of the Marquise, ladies can decide to have the stone lay across the finger width ways, parallel to the knuckle or length ways to make the wearer’s fingers look long and slender. The only concern when setting the Marquise cut should be the fragile pointed ends – without protecting the points they could easily chip and diminish the beauty of this unique cut. To avoid chipping, be sure to have the claws in the setting surrounding the points as much as possible. One of the most famous Marquise engagement rings was that of Catherine Zeta Jones. Michael Douglas proposed with a breathtaking antique 10 carat Marquise diamond engagement ring, needless to say her answer was “yes!”