Marriage Contract – Do You Take This Woman to Be Your Lawfully Wedded Wife?

Do you promise to love this woman? Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and cherish her? In sickness and in health? For better or for worse? Until death do you part? Do you know what it means to promise forever to a woman? The divorce rates, to date, say you don’t; we don’t. I believe you when you say, “I am in love with her” but I am not sure if you believe your promise to love her forever. Forever takes guts and fortitude.

Forever is not a feeling, it is an attitude

The question is: Did you choose a woman that was really worth loving all your life, until death? Is this the woman who you choose to bury you or whom you will bury? Did you choose the ultimate friend? or did you choose this woman because she was the first to send your rockets to the moon? or was it because she conquered her gag reflex? Did you think the incredible sex would last your entire lifetime? Did you think her breasts would still be perky at forty five, after three kids? Or did you stop to think that grey hairs would eventually flourish on the Bermuda triangle of joy? Do I need remind you that as she ages so will you? Or do you imagine yourself eternally youthful and virile? Do you know that as a woman she may have to fight off diseases indigenous to her racially or otherwise? Did you know that fibroid tumors might attack her insides and bring your sex Goddess to her knees as age creeps up on her? Did you know she is likely to suffer from breast cancer, hypertension, diabetes, uterine cancer, osteoporosis and a multitude of other diseases particular to her race?

When her eyes pale and her senses dim will you keep your promise to love and cherish her? Or when Alzheimer’s disease sets into your brain will you care about anything? Will it matter that she is the one there to hold on to you when you can’t hold on to a single memory? Do you realize that by leaving her she might end up just like your Mom: single and struggling to raise your children because you impoverished her by walking away? Do you have the courage to stand up to your bold promises of forever? Do you think your child support can support the loss of life and opportunity you took from her? And are you ready to go backwards in your life financially because you haven’t really done the Math about being single? Is it fair to walk away and leave her after she has made you a better man, only to let some other woman earn the benefit of your evolved state of being. Have you really thought this through? or does that sweet, supple, PYT have you believing that forty is the new twenty? and so on and so on? When you are grey and distinguished in your senior sexiness, will she be a badge of your age or a medal of your heart?

Do you have “forever” courage? Or you just think that you do? Do we even know what that means? It seems like our fore parents knew about forever, what’s different? Why don’t we know that kind of commitment in our relationships? And how come we seem to be moving backwards?

Marriage is probably the toughest contract on earth.

So remind me again my brother what does “in love got to do with it?” What does “in love got to do with love and cherish or for better or for worse?” Come again when the evening is near and show me your spear young warrior, bent from from life’s hardships, tempered by regrets, a mere relic to be cast on the heap of life’s disappointments. Tell me then, “I take this woman for better of or worse”

“Courage young grasshopper”