Mary Kay Compensation Plan & Information Overview

Mary Kay Product:

Mary Kay is a product that most people have heard about although might not be familiar with. Mary Kay is a brand of skin care cosmetics and color cosmetics sold by Mary Kay, Inc. Mary Kay is established out of Dallas in the suburb of Addison, Texas. Mary Kay was founded on Friday the 13th of September 1963. There are hundreds and thousands of products sold and distributed by Mary Kay, ranging from Skin Care products to Fragrance and men’s products. They sell just about anything and everything you can think of in regards to skin care and overall body care.

The Mary Kay Compensation Plan:

Mary Kay has a very diverse and sometimes confusing compensation plan. Since the compensation plan isn’t provided anywhere on the internet I have done some research and will provide an overall concept on how Mary Kay distributors are paid. Mary Kay has three levels of distributors, Independent Beauty Consultant, Independent Sales Director, Independent National Sales Director. The first level is obtained when signing up with Mary Kay to become a distributor and each other level is obtained via sales records. At the higher levels, Mary Kay’s Compensation Plan, provides for a better profit of sales by the distributors that you have signed up as well as other perks depending on your sales records and achievements.

The Mary Kay Problem:

After researching the topic of becoming a Mary Kay distributor I found some vital information about the problems that people have when they were distributors for Mary Kay. Mary Kay’s products are terrific from everything I have heard and read about. That is great except I read story after story describing that the Mary Kay Compensation Plan makes it difficult to actually turn a profit. One story tells about a woman had become a Mary Kay distributor twice, failing each time. Why did she fail? The first time she signed up she signed up with little to no inventory. The second time she was convinced that she failed because of the fact that she started with little product, so she came into Mary Kay with $5,000 towards the product and $100 towards the sign-up fee.

Even with $5,000 worth of Mary Kay products she still didn’t have exactly what the customers wanted. With such a wide range or products available for sale by Mary Kay it is hard to predict which products you are going to need after the first month or two. Therefore, after about two months, it is necessary to make smaller orders at a much lower discount level on a frequent basis. Thus lowering the profit margin that you receive for selling the product. It’s like any business, the more you order at one time the better the discount. That’s without considering the advertising costs of your business, sales aids, and everything else needed to run a successful business.

Now here is the real problem that Mary Kay distributors face. Where are you going to find your clients or your distributors? Mary Kay encourages old marketing tactics for new distributors when they first sign up with the company. The good ol’ friends and family list. This is where you write down anyone that you have ever come in contact with and call them telling them about your products available. That works well in the beginning, but how is it in the long term? After the initial boost or sales when everyone busy something to get youstarted, it will be months before they can use more product! So now you are resorting to telling people you meet in the grocery store, by throwing skin care classes at home. Ask yourself how many women you know are desperate enough to get their friends together for a Mary Kay party? So most Mary Kay distributors hit a brick wall. They are left with confronting and marketing to total strangers. Ask yourself this question, if you were standing in the produce aisle at the supermarket and a woman approached you with her Mary Kay sales pitch,would you truly be excited about the idea of going to this womans house for a free facial? Most people aren’t excited and will run and squiggle away as fast as possible.

The Solution to the Mary Kay Problem:

You see this is the problem with most network marketing companies that rely on old marketing tactics to move their business. We live in a very progressive age now, with instant access to everything you ever wanted via the internet. It’s necessary to be marketing on the internet a product that sells itself. Most people don’t have the experience or know how on how to properly market themselves or their products on the internet. It’s not as simple as putting up a web page and watching the sales come to your door. You need to know the latest and best marketing tactics to achieve fantastic results. Web 2.0 and so is the idea of turn key marketing systems. Mary Kay’s Compensation Plan could be the best in the world, but if you don’t know how to properly market the product you won’t be able to experience the compensation plan’s benefits. In a nutshell the turn key marketing system allows for anyone at any point in their internet marketing experience to succeed. by providing a concrete 30 Day Step By Step marketing Guide to Success that teaches you how to market yourself via the internet and Web 2.0 without ANY prior experience.

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