Mass Money Makers – An Eye Opening Review

Mass Money Makers is a program by Alen Sultanic and Matt Bacak that shows you how to create an auto-pilot business, the whole course which includes 4 videos (about 6 hours) they are long and they are boring. It might be a solid product for anyone wanting to learn affiliate marketing. I have done a number of similar courses and some of the information in here is good, and does take you through step by step on how to build the websites. For those people who think it's a scam you are wrong but it does take a lot of dedication to build an online business and the sales pages do give the impression it's easy – It's not.

It includes 4 phases

Phase-1: Preparation

They are talking about themselves how they take both to millions

Phase-2: Tools, Strategies & Tactics

2 hours long video and a bunch of resources to give you where they tell you how the whole system works, be sure you are well rested and have time to view the very long video.

Phase-3: Execution

They show you how to implement all of the strategies they discussed in the Phase 2 again long and maybe just maybe very long.

Phase -4: Automation

Here they are introducing some of the best places to outsource your mass money makers process for cheap. I am not really impressed but has some good points.

Biggest complaint of Mass Money Makers is that you can not rewind the videos to a specific part. You can only start the video and then pause it. That can be frustrating because the videos are very long and if you miss a part you would have to start all over. This is not a complete program but can be a start. There are several others that I would recommend before this one. I recommend that you research before you buy and know that it take effort on your part to be successful. There is no short cut to make continuous income with internet marketing. Build it with a firm foundation and your going to enjoy and have fun working it.