Mastershield Gutter Guard Review – Does it Work?

There are various gutter guards to choose from on the market. Mastershield is among the most widely available products at present. It is worth learning more about its features and performance and about their efficiency in order to decide whether it is right for you. Most Mastershield gutter guard reviews do not give the whole picture, so it is worth reading on to find out what you can expect from it exactly.

The system consists of panels. They have waterfall step designs. Each high step is followed by a recessed step. The low-level steps have relatively large slots with tube shapes. The waterfall step panels are angles. They are made from 0.19 gauge aluminum. The installation requires the slipping of the upper runners under the first line of roof shingles. The lower end is attached to the lower gutter with the use of a clip mechanism.

The design of the Mastershield gutter guard allows for the leaves and twigs to remain on top of the screen. Since the panels are slanting, it is easy for the debris to slide down to the ground naturally without the need of removal by hand. This is perhaps the main advantage of this product. The angled waterfall design allows the water drops to slide down more easily as well. Unlike the leaves, they fall into the slots so that the drainage is effective.

The slots of the panels are relatively large and densely positioned. This allows for high water flow rate. Still, their size makes it easier for smaller debris to enter the gutter, even though they should be kept out of it by the higher step above the line of slots.

The Mastershield protective system is made from aluminum. This metal is renowned for its weather resistant properties. This makes the panels of the system water resistant. Still, the 0.19 gauge sheets are not among the thickest ones. In fact, they are relatively thin. This may have a negative impact on the durability of the panels. The 0.19 gauge aluminum structure may bend under the pressure of snow or get damaged by ice.

The installation of the gutter guard is relatively easy and simple. This is an advantage for homeowners, especially the ones who are on a budget. Still, the structure is not secured by screws or brackets and this might affect its stability, particularly during windy weather.

Overall, the Mastershield gutter guard works. Still, it fails to score many points for durability and stability.