Masturbation Shake-Up: Handy Techniques to Try

By the time a man reaches his mid-twenties, he’s likely to have masturbated hundreds of times; even those who self-gratify only occasionally will have probably done so a few dozen times. So it’s not unusual if a certain amount of boredom may have set in from using the same old techniques. Sure, the masturbation is still pleasurable, but it may have become a bit routine. Shaking things up with some new hand jives, while at the same time taking care that they don’t impinge on penis health, can add a little spice to a guy’s solo-sexual activities.

Staying handy

There are a number of ways that a guy can break out of a masturbation rut, such as using sex toys or other external additions. For the purposes of this article, however, the focus will be on ways of using the hands in a different manner, rather than adding a new object into the mix.

Simple change-up.

Although exact statistics are hard to come by, it’s generally agreed that the most popular form of male masturbation involves wrapping one’s dominant hand around the penis, forming a fist, and pumping up and down. Clearly, one easy way to make a change is simply to switch hands. If one typically wraps the right hand around, switch to the left (and vice versa).

All together.

Or one can use both hands. There are a number of variations on this theme. For example, a guy can stroke for a while with one hand, then switch to the other. He can place one hand at the base and the other at the tip and stroke simultaneously. Or he can pull one hand all the way from tip to base, followed by the other, and keep alternating. For those who use internet-based visual stimulation while masturbating, it may make it difficult to click from one site to another, of course.

Get a new grip.

Simply varying the tightness of one’s grip can also add some variety. Men who tend to grip tightly can benefit from a lighter touch; even better, it can be fun to start with a tight grip but, as one approaches a climax, to switch to a very, very light touch.

Palm it.

Rather than a tight grip, try palming the member. Place one hand on one side of the manhood and one on the other, palms straight out. Then rub, with one hand going back and the other going forward, then reversing it. Many men used to a grip-based method find this intensely pleasurable.

Slap it around.

Beating the meat is a popular euphemism for masturbation, so why not go that route? A guy shouldn’t actually beat his penis, as that can cause both pain and damage; however, a little gentle slapping can be effective. The trick is to use whatever method works for obtaining an erection, and then slap the penis from one hand to the other, increasing the speed and the intensity as one goes along to bring about release.

Go numb.

For this method, a guy needs to put his hand to sleep, i.e., make it feel numb. (This can often be accomplished by sitting on it for a few minutes.) He then masturbates with the numb hand. Because there is a lack of sensation in the hand, it creates the illusion that he is being masturbated by another person – at least as long as the numbness persists.

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