Masturbation Statistics: What’s the Frequency, Dude?

Considering that it’s something basically all men are alleged to do, there are surprisingly few current statistics about masturbation. There’s no doubt that it’s a popular hobby, but it would be valuable to have a large-scale, thorough study which focuses on masturbation in the way it deserves to be addressed. Men (and presumably women) are going to masturbate no matter what the actual statistics are, if for no other reason than it’s fun (and also happens to contribute to good penis care), but knowing what the facts are might make the practice of masturbation more acceptable for all.


There have been countless surveys and polls about masturbation, but there are problems with most of them. First off, many of them are simply “click bait’ or “engagers,” ways of keeping people involved with a particular website. And that creates some serious sampling biases. For example, if 1,000 men respond to a masturbation poll of a porn website, and 900 of them say they masturbate twice a day or more, that frequency may be skewed by the fact that the men answering the poll are not necessarily representative of the male population at large.

In addition, there can be problems with scope. If a survey asks if a person masturbates, that can mean different things to different people. One guy may answer yes, because he has masturbated a few times in his life; another who has also masturbated only a few times in his life may answer no because he may not consider such low frequency worth reporting. And what happens if one man considers fondling the penis without ejaculating to qualify as masturbation whereas another respondent does not?


All of which is to say that there are too few masturbation studies of significant value, especially among those conducted in the last few years. However, here are some statistics that are commonly swatted about.

Tenga, a company which manufacturers sex toy products, conducted a survey of 1,200 adults. The data is likely skewed, but it does present some interesting figures, including:

– 95% of men and 81% of women have masturbated in their lifetimes.

– On average, men masturbate 15 times a month and women masturbate 8 times a month.

– On average, people who are not in a partnered relationship masturbate 16 times a month; those who are in a partnered relationship masturbate 10 times a month, on average.

– Millennials masturbate 15 times per month, as compared to Generation X-ers (12 times per month) and Baby Boomers (7 times per month).

That last statistic is somewhat consistent with what is generally “known” about masturbation and age – that people masturbate more as teens and young adults, then slow down somewhat, although it’s often speculated that rates of masturbation pick up again after age 50 or thereabouts. One 2010 study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found a somewhat different picture: Only 43% of males aged 14-17 had masturbated within the last month of the survey, starting an arc that rose steadily to ages 25-29 (almost 69%), then fell steadily to age 70+ (28%).

A 2016 online survey by StatisticBrain again found that 95% of men masturbate – and that 40% masturbate daily and 55% masturbate weekly. The same survey found that 70% of married men masturbate and that 17% of all men have used a vibrator when masturbating.

Staying in good shape, no matter the stats

The statistics may not be 100% representative, but they do verify that a lot of masturbation goes on daily. So in order to keep their penises in good shape, men need to regularly apply a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Penises that have been rubbed raw need skin revitalization, which requires hydration, so use a crème with both Shea butter and vitamin E, two excellent moisturizers. In addition, excessive masturbation may cause some loss of penile sensitivity; a crème with neuroprotective acetyl L carnitine is the ticket for helping restore diminished sensation in the penis.