Matching Groups of Wallpaper and Borders

When you want to redecorate a house, you always want to think holistically, meaning that you have to look at every aspect of the room and not just the walls. When it comes to your walls, though, you will want to pay the most attention, especially when you are looking into wallpaper and not plain ol’ paint. You have to spend large amounts of time on the design of the wallpaper as it relates to the border. Wallpaper without a border will give you an unfinished, plain look in a room.

Basics of matching colors will tell you that you don’t want your wall paper and border to clash. Choose complimentary colors. Many shops and internet stores will help you if you are color blind: literally, or figuratively. A simple tip would be to search for a color wheel using Google or another search engine if you can’t use your eye. If your a man, there is an excuse because men have less cones in their eyes.

Now, if you want to go deeper into style with pictures and other art, then you must again look at color. In addition, you must choose a border that matches your room as well as the wallpaper. Choosing a border that has a house on it standing in a winter scene should be placed in a room with very earthy colors. The wallpaper would also have to be dark and earthy as well. It is really simple to match groups of wallpaper and borders, it just takes a little practice.

Another example would be, if you wanted a tropical room. You could choose a nice light blue color for your walls. Perhaps choosing a texture that makes it look like clear blue water. Then for your border you could choose one with flowers going all the way around the room. In addition, you should place a flower in that room on a corner table to complete the look, both on the walls, and in the space.

I think you understand the basic idea of matching wallpaper borders with wallpaper. Now the rest is up to you. If you still need help, you could always ask a professional who you plan to buy from. They will be more that helpful since they want your business.