Materials And Design Details Available In Garage Doors

Traditionally speaking, garage doors get a bad rap for being boring. Luckily, things are getting more exciting in this field. Designers are coming up with new looks and product developers are finding ways to make new models more efficient in a number of ways. One thing's for sure – today's options are much different than what many homeowners bought just 10 years ago!

Steel is generally regarded as the most solid material option. Rust protection comes in the form of a baked-on primer and polyester topcoat, which is common. Wood is not as popular as it once was; however, many homeowners who are looking for a custom design choose this artisan-friendly material. These models require more frequent upkeep, such as regular staining or painting. A newer material option that is gaining in popularity is plastic. These doors are lightweight and durable, plus they're incredibly easy to clean. Another noteworthy feature is that they will not rust or rot like steel and wood often do.

Brands offer various warranties for different models and types of materials. Steel garage doors often have a warranty of 15 or more years, with some of them even featuring a limited lifetime warranty. The warranties for plastic doors rival those of many steel models, often passing 20 years. In contrast, wooden options may have a warranty of just a year. Custom options vary and may have a full lifetime warranty or a more basic coverage for a few years.

Many homeowners are choosing to install two single garage doors instead of a large one built for two cars. This can mean more efficient energy consumption. These modern models keep heat in during the cold winter months and that valuable cool air in when the weather is hot. That means cost savings and a more comfortable garage temperature to welcome you home after a long day at work or out running errands.

More and more upscale, customizable options are appearing on the market these days as well. Faux wood finishes are one popular look that is both practical and unique. Carriage house-style doors are also picking up in popularity as younger homeowners demonstrate their admiration for older looks that reflect housing styles from many years ago. Some manufacturers are also expanding their product lines to include complementary pieces such as shutters and front doors. These new options enable homeowners to have a little fun when buying a garage door and add to the visual appeal of their property.