Materials to Make a Solar Panel

The first step: the panel

In order to make your own solar panels, you need to start with the support frame on which the solar cells will be mounted. A sheet of copper is ideal for such purposes, but you can also use plywood or PVC to create the panel. Ready made panels are also available on the market, so it should not be very difficult to get started.

The most important materials to make a solar panel

The next on your list should be the solar cells. The best solar cells are made of silicone and phosphorus, but there are many variations on the market, so make sure you buy cells that do not break easily. You will have to place the solar cells on the panel purchased or built previously, in rows, and solder them together, so they can transmit the power produced.

Deep-cycle batteries

Among the materials to make a solar panel you will use, some batteries are a must. Deep-cycle batteries are the most recommended, as they serve to store the energy harnessed by the solar cells from the sun. With the right set of instructions on how to build a solar panel, you will be able to put together your own renewable energy device over a weekend, or whenever you have a bit of free time.

An inverter

Since you cannot use directly the energy produced by the solar cells, you will need something called an inverter. This transforms the energy you get from your solar panels into energy you can use for powering up the appliances in your household. All these materials to make a panel come quite cheap, and they all can be found in any hardware store.

How to build a solar panel

After you gather all the necessary materials, make sure you have the right tools, as well, such as a soldering iron and a screwdriver. You will have to connect all the solar cells in equal rows, and then mount them on your panel. Use the soldering iron to create the connections, so that the energy harnessed by the solar cells can be transmitted to the batteries and the inverter.

By using the proper materials to make a solar panel, you can put together a handy device that will help you cut down the costs on your utility bills. More and more homeowners appeal to this solution and make their own solar panels as the prices for energy are soaring, taking a toll on families’ monthly budgets.