Mattress Pad Topper Facts and Buying Information

Buying a foam mattress topper pad is a worthwhile option to consider.

Adding a topper to your bedding is a great way to improve the quality and comfort of your sleep. They do function well, and they're an outstanding way to get added sleep and enhanced sleep without having to go out and pay for a whole mattress set. One thing that most people do not know is that if you cut away an expensive memory foam mattress there is a top layer of memory foam and regular foam underneath. Why not just buy that topper layer at a substantially reduced cost?

When considering a mattress pad are lots of things to think about and, regrettably, it takes a bit of learning to obtain the most value for your hard earned money. One thing that a lot of people who are thinking about getting a topper pad does not take into account is that a new mattress pad can be 75% less expensive than a new mattress set. In fact, there are so many choices it can be a bit overwhelming. Let's try and simplify things and make this easy. What are the most important things to be looking for?

For my money these are the most important aspects: density, resilience, fair price, depth, value and any guarantees. Usually mattress pads are between one and six inches; however if they are thicker than four inches, you will be paying substantively more for a negligible increase in benefit. If you are looking for a pad that thick, you might just consider ordering a whole new mattress set.

The soundness of sleep and comfort factor you get from the mattress topper depends not only on its' thickness but also the density of the foam used. A 4 inch pad with poor quality foam will not have the same comfort level as a 2 inch pad made from highly dense foam. Another consideration is that the thicker a topper pad is, the softer it will feel, and the defect you will sink down. Sometimes you can feel like it is too hard to climb out. Memory foam mattresses and pads density is measured in pounds per cubic foot. A 4 lb. density foam is a good number to go by when looking at memory foam.

A mattress pad is definitely one of the items you do not want to shop for based on cost by itself. Expect to pay between $ 50 and $ 150. There are pads that may cost less, run do not walk away from these. Be aware that foam breaks down over time. A poor quality pad may just last a year, while a good quality pad will be good for 5-10 years.