Medical Bridge Insurance – While Waiting For Medicare

The importance of a solid medical bridge insurance becomes easier to comprehend as we age. While the younger population spends more time planning trips and vacations, the older citizens evaluate health insurance prospects, as a backup plan for later in life.

For various reasons, many senior citizens do not benefit from a major medical insurance plan. For them, a new brand of health insurance – the Medical Bridge Insurance – has been developed. Its purpose is to grant people, who are waiting for the U.S. Medicare plan admission, almost the same services as the ones offered by Medicare.

The Medical Bridge Insurance offers deductibles of up to $10,000 per policy year, by choice. You pick the plan with the deductible that best fits your needs. In case of a health complication, many plans will pay 80% of the costs that exceed the deductible amount.

In case you wonder whether or not you should apply for the Medical Bridge Insurance until you qualify for Medicare, know now that the plan provides policies that cover for Part A, Part B and even for both. To make it easier to understand, the Medical Bridge Insurance will help you benefit from hospitalization, hospice facilities, trained nursing facilities and even home health care services or surgical interventions.

However, like any other health insurance plan, the Medical Bridge Insurance plan has its own limitations and exclusions. It is important that you read them carefully, in order to avoid any misconceptions.

For example, the programs may limit the coverage for cataract surgery and procedures, and for those benefits of concerning Alzheimer’s disease. For some diseases there is a limit of around $25,000. Your policy will dictate the limitations for you. For patients diagnosed with a cardiac condition or a Cancer there may also be limitations. Research the plan before making a final decision.

It is also very important to know that any services which can be medically proven to be unnecessary will not be covered by the Medical Bridge Insurance. Also, the plan does not cover for expenses such as the treatment of self-inflicted injuries, rehabilitation for drug addiction and alcoholism, mental disorders, dental care, optional cosmetic surgery, routine medical examinations and so on. Just about anything that is not covered by Medicare will not be covered by the medical bridge insurance.

If you consider applying for the Medical Bridge Insurance, be sure to ask for further details and clarifications from a person or institution specialized in Health Insurance plans. Also, avoid being hasty when reading a health insurance contract, otherwise you risk ending up in a situation, not only bad from a medical perspective, but from a financial point of view, as well.