Medifast Vs Wonderslim Diet – Which Is Best and How Do They Compare?

Trying to decide between Medifast vs Wonderslim? These two diets are very similar – both meal replacement programs with very fast weight loss results.

While Medifast is more well-known vs Wonderslim, both diets have their own unique benefits.

So how do they compare? Here are the main differences between them (please note that diets program terms are always subject to change).

#1 The Diet

Both diets are based on low glycemic meal replacements and put your body into a mild fat-burning state. You eat special diet meals of oatmeals, shakes, bars, lite entrees and desserts every 2 – 3 hours throughout the day.

Both diets let you customize your order package so that you can include your favorite meals.

With both diets, you include your own meal of lean protein and veggies. However Medifast does offer frozen lean and green meals that you can buy separately if you don’t have the time to prepare meals yourself. Wonderslim does not have this option.

#2 Online Support

While you do get an introductory kit and diet instructions with Wonderslim, you don’t get online support.

In contrast, Medifast offers a lot of online support including message boards, forums, recipes, emails and more. You can also call and talk to a Medifast coach if you have questions.

And if you need in-person support, you can visit a Medifast center and speak with a coach. So that’s a nice option to have if you’re nervous about doing the diet on your own.

#3 Cost

Depending on the plan you choose, Wonderslim can be cheaper (Note: this also depends on any current specials.)

For example, the Basic Wonderslim option starts around $7 a day – but you only get 4 meals a day (vs 5 with Medifast). And these meals only includes shakes, bars and snacks (no dessert or entrees as with Medifast).

The next plan up is around $8 a day and you get 5 meals a day (but again, the dinner entrees and desserts are not included as they are with Medifast.)

The premium Wonderslim plan gives you lite entrees and desserts as well – similar to Medifast. But that plan starts around $11 a day – which is pretty much the same as Medifast.

So the cost is very similar when you look at what you’re actually getting – it boils down to what kind of plan and meals do you want.

#4 Weight Loss Results

Both plans promise very similar weight loss results. Wonderslim dieters usually lose up to 4 pounds a week.

According to Medifast, dieters can expect to lose up to 5 pounds a week for their first 2 weeks, with weight loss levelling off slightly after that.

So What’s The Bottom Line?

The Medifast and Wonderslim diets are very similar – both offer vitamin-enriched meal replacements and very fast weight loss. They are both doctor recommended and approved as well.

The real difference is that you get a lot of online support with Medifast that you don’t get with Wonderslim. Wonderslim is more of a do-it-yourself plan. But it is a little more flexible (with 3 different plan options) than Medifast.

So it boils down to what kind of diet you want to do. Regardless of what you decide be sure to check with your doctor before starting any diet or weight loss plan. Good luck!