Meeting Customer Requirements

How do you light a retail? How do you light a beauty parlor? How does lighting affect our impression of the space? What makes it enjoyable and comfortable? Best answers to these questions are what make it an exciting subject. Mostly, some of it is common sense but it takes research and experience to provide the justification.

To implement a successful lighting solution, we must fully understand its nature. Often times, it takes a lighting designer to make the vision of excellence a reality. This is considered as an art and a science. This is a fact for many components of our built environments. Designers are concerned about the aesthetics – the art of lighting. Moreover, it also means utilizing a big part of technical knowledge, and updating due to new technology – the science of lighting. But bear in mind that lighting is for people, so understanding the need for health, safety, and enjoyment should also be considered.

Here are few examples of issues that must be addressed when lighting a store.

1. Lighting where vertical meets horizontal is important in terms of safe navigation through space. That is why most warehouses and barns use barn lights to make work faster and efficient. Specular or reflective surfaces cause visual problem and should not be considered on areas where most of the activities of your store are present.

2. People follow the bright path. Down lights like rlm lighting is commonly used to achieve the a higher level of illumination with a uniform distribution of light. The Studies found out that people are like moths which are easily attracted to brightness.

3. Brightness can focus attention. When creating an accent point, increasing brightness contrast between the object and the surrounding increases the impact. This is mostly use to highlight important architectural accent of the building, sign frames and logos of your store. This is very effective in promoting featured products of your store.

Thinking about the layers of light and how light affects your customer on both psychological and behavioral level will present you a mental design concept when someone mention- how do you light a retail? A beauty parlor? Lighting is a key factor in helping the space meets your customer's requirements.