Meeting Your Online Date for the First Time

it's fun to find potential dates online. You can chat and find out what the other person is like. Your imagination may run away with you. Of course, there are web cams that help you get to know another person better. Still, meeting someone in person is very different from meeting them online.

And since this preparation, it can still be somewhat stressful to meet and go out on a date with somebody you only chatted with. How can you impress? How can you keep the first date from being the last date? Confidence is key. Be confident and yet be natural at the same time, because pretensions are never good.

Do not put too much pressure on yourself or your date. Remember that this is going to be a night of fun, whether you just expect to have an enjoyable evening or you're looking for your dream partner. Be enthusiastic and do not pile too many expectations onto your date; just enjoy the company of the other person. This could be only the first of many subsequent dates.

Confidence is a state of mind. Think of yourself as confident and confidence is likely to follow. Do not put unrealistic expectations on yourself. You're not expecting all heads to turn to you and your date when you arrive at a party. You do not have to be handsome or beautiful or incredibly sexy to have self-confidence. In fact, when you are self-confident, beauty and sexiness can follow.

Alexandra Penney and Norman F. Stevens, Jr., the authors of the book "How to Make Love to a Man" interviewed over 200 men from many different backgrounds and ask them what experiences turn them on in a woman. The words they most often heard were "self-confident," "composed," "intelligent" and "feminine." The authors concluded, "If you ask 100 men what is sexy, 99 of them will probably say 'self-confidence.'"

The reverse is also true. When Michael Morgenstern, author of "How to Make Love to a Woman," asked women what they found to be sexy in men, the most frequent reply was also confidence or self-assurance!

Typically, you will also find yourself most compatible with people who share at least one of your interests. This will provide a source of conversation as well as suggest activities that you could enjoy together.

You are a special person and you deserve to find someone equally special with what you can be happy. Do not be insecure; instead, remind yourself of your individual strengths and talents. Be gutsy, and meet people with boldness and self-confidence.

With such an attitude you will be well on your way to finding the life partner you have been looking for.