Merits and Demerits of an Air-Conditioner


In this modern world, air conditioner plays a vital role in all sectors such as companies, factories, industries, offices, corporate and even in domestic area. It doesn’t mean that without an air conditioner, the world won’t survive. But to lead a comfortable and sophisticated life, we are in the need of an AC. Sometimes, in this modern world, the usage of this appliance is mandatory to ease the process and make a profit. For an instance, in the field of an export company (such as agricultural products which include fruits, fresh vegetables, dry fruits etc) they must need the presence of AC to keep their goods safe until it reaches its destination.

Now, most of the upper class people prefer flight travel and 1st tier berth AC coach. It is unavoidable. In such cases, the air conditioner plays a vital role in the field of luxurious transportation. Even now, an air conditioner is being used in metro buses in developing countries also. In corporate and multi- national companies, the working chamber should be air conditioned using proper air conditioning system which helps the employees to work in peaceful environment and helps them to give more output as actually what they can give before this air conditioned facility. This situation is also applicable in banks where the employees are handling their duties with the deal of money which makes them boring and exhausted.

The employees of air conditioned banks wouldn’t ever face this problem. In short, the purpose of using this appliance is to enhance the work efficiency without any tiredness and will yield more output than what we expected. To make the job interested and easier, you need a peaceful environment provided with a relaxed mood. It can be achieved through many ways and depends on several factors. The important factors such as water facility, ventilation and sanitation etc. Among those, the foremost need is air facility which can be obtained by an air conditioner. The AC regenerates the heat present inside the room and converts it into waste water which is being carried out through the proper ducts. Also the air conditioner provides cool air which in turn converts the room temperature into cool temperature. The range of conversion (say in *Celsius) is user dependent.


However, this electronic device plays a vital role in a modern world; it has a great negative impact on earth. It is not an eco-friendly though, it may be user friendly. Since, it produces an unwanted gas such as chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), it creates a hole in the ozone layer. It is a major threat to the environment. The holes created due to CFC is dangerous and allows unfiltered UV rays which is very harmful to the humankind and also to all kinds of living organisms. The consequences of this incident may lead to the occurrence of cancer and aging in human beings

The other major source of CFC is refrigerator. It is not meant that all scientific inventions create an adverse effect. Some inventions are both user friendly and eco-friendly. Likewise, some advanced changes should be made in the production of AC and refrigerators, so that it could not produce unwanted gases such as CFC. Though it is not quite possible, at least some standards should be taken to minimize the impact. Some kinds of peoples are allergic to air conditioner which may cause some serious breathing problem, skin allergies etc. It may also create an adverse effect in a working environment like the usage of air conditioner may cause some sort of people drowsy effects and other issues.