Message From the Universe: Honesty Is Not ALWAYS the Best Policy

“For all of the reasons you might draw someone into your life, one would never be…

To find their faults.

Not always telling people what they want to hear since the beginning of time,

The Universe”

Caring about others feeling should be everyone’s priority. We are living in a society where being too honest can be detrimental. We all have faults, all have weaknesses and this is why it is important to watch your words. There is constructive criticism that should be welcomed by most as it helps the individual correct themselves on existing issues. I personally embrace constructive criticism as it helps me change certain things and become a better person. Honesty is important, especially when it comes to being this way with the people you care about, with your employer as eventual lies will be discovered and the ramifications can be lost of job. We select the lies we feel are important so we can avoid being honest with the other person. Every married men will lie when their wife will ask: “Hey honey, do you think I look good in this dress? Or do you think I am fat? or are you still attracted to me?” These questions may leave the significant other with a huge dilemma. Should I answer honestly and endure her spiteful attitude and having to sleep in the couch for the next week or so or lie and live happily ever after? In this scenario, I would say to use your judgement, as you know your significant better then I do. No one really knows how to react to this kind of feedback, especially women with their weight issues. I am sure that since the beginning of time, with Adam and Eve, that body issues was still prevalent at the Garden of Eden. When Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, maybe the snake laughed at her and said: “Hey Girl, you better watch your weight, I am looking at a muffin top right there” and from that comment, we see Eve cover herself because of her being ashamed.

Honesty is crucial in all areas of your life as it is easier to remember the truth than its evil opposite. You can rest peaceful at night when you live honestly and focus your energy in helping people do the same. There will always be liars, cheaters, but that doesn’t mean you need to live the same way. Everyone chooses to live their lives the way they see fit and if others are living life in the Dark Side, you do not need to do the same. I would suggest NOT to deal with them in any shape or form, but you don’t need to act the same. Leave it to Karma to do its job, and just focus on how you can be a better person. No matter how much you invest in yourself, regardless of the result, you can sleep at night and feel like you are making a change, even if it’s a small one. You are climbing your own ladder in life, and NO one is aloud to climb yours. You don’t need to fight for space on that ladder as you are the only one on it. Make sure to look up and aim for the skies.