Message From the Universe: I Dream the Dream

“Ah-ha! Found you, didn’t I?

Dreaming you’re human again. Can’t blame you. What a blast! You really know how to craft an adventure! I bet they’ll even name a few bridges, or towns, or ponies after you in a couple hundred years!

Well, sorry to interrupt. As you were. Stay in touch, and be careful not to let all those adventures go to your head. Remember, nine out of ten angels temporarily lose themselves “dreaming human,” because they begin taking everything so seriously.


The Universe”

Dreams come and go but it is up to us to keep your dream moving forward based on your actions and belief.Anyone can dream big dreams, that’s the easy part. The question is: What are you going to do next? Will you let them pass you by and see them disappear or will you grab them tight and find a way to make them a reality? What are you in the mood to do from this point forward? I am just warning you that it will not be easy. If your dreams aren’t scary you, they are not worth pursuing. However, do not let them intimidate you and push you away from accomplishing them because of fear of success. Work towards making these dreams a reality and do whatever you can to make all of this happen. Harder you work towards your goal, more opportunities will arise to guide you to a better path you had from the get go. Do not worries about the HOW it will happen, just focus on the WHEN it will happen.

Life is filled with surprises and it is important for you to embrace and accept the challenges coming your way on a daily basis. Create your own direction and path in life and keep on walking until you get to destination. If you feel the path you are on isn’t optimal, do not be afraid to go back to the beginning and change your path to a better one. It is NEVER to late to get back to where you started and figure out a better and happier way to live your life. You are not the ONLY person out there that started something and realize this is not your calling in life. It is OK to figure things out later in your life and start something new. You want to live life to the fullest and never live it with regrets. Never bring up questions such as: Should have or would have or why didn’t I or whatever else. If you feel something is odd, just change it and start yourself a new journey to ultimate happiness.