Metabolic Weight Loss – A Woman’s Guide to Naturally Boosting Your Fat-Burning Metabolism!

The key to unlocking metabolic weight loss is something most women desperately need to lose weight and look great without suffering due to our complex hormones and bodies.

Using your body’s own metabolism to burn calories day and night, even when we’re sleeping, is a dream situation for most people looking to drop inches quickly, and it can be frustrating when we feel our own body is working against our weight loss plans by keeping our metabolic weight loss levels ultra-low.

Luckily Asian women have mastered how to get skinny and stay lean even just after having a baby, and you can learn their metabolic weight loss tricks for losing fat and keeping it off even as you eat your favorite foods!

Metabolic Weight Loss – The Skinny Asian Way

You can learn different ways to boost your metabolism from so many sources online, in books, and on the television, that it can be confusing and overwhelming to cut through the nonsense and find the best path. Between the false “before-and-after” pictures and the endless fake “guarantees” it’s easy to get lost when trying to find actual information.

And while you’re not going to learn ALL of the best metabolic weight loss techniques that Asian women use to get trim tummies and lean legs from just a single short article online, you CAN pick up some great tips that will get you started on the right road:

1. BOOST your metabolism to the next level with these foods – Asian women have known for generations that to lose weight quickly requires that certain food be eaten more often than usual.

Skinless chicken, fish, tofu, eggs, soy, meat, and other lean protein foods are ideal because they elevate your metabolism greatly versus bread, pasta, sweets, or other carbohydrates.

Lean protein forces the body to use more energy to process the food through our system, and that energy requires calories…calories that otherwise would be going to your thighs! Just by switching to lean protein food items at each of your 3 major meals will elevate your metabolic weight loss by up to 25%…which is nearly 300 “free” calories per day!

2. This one SIMPLE move will trigger metabolic weight loss for hours – No one wants to spend hours in the gym or watching fitness DVDs trying to lose weight while going hungry and feeling awful.

Instead you can tap into one of the best metabolic weight loss methods simply by doing a set of stretches as soon as you wake up each morning. This is why you often see Asian women in the park doing slow-motion Kung Fu moves (we call it Tai Chi, don’t laugh at us, haha) right after the sun rises, because we know how powerful the fat-burning effect is the rest of the day.

You don’t have to join us in that park, don’t worry. Instead simply get out of bed and begin doing large body stretches like touching your toes with your legs straight, reaching for the sky and trying to touch the ceiling, etc. Add a few basic yoga poses (the easy ones are fine) and you’ll elevate your metabolic rate by up to 20% versus the normal routine of just hopping into the shower or eating breakfast!

3. Believe it or not, how you SLEEP determines your metabolism level – It can’t be any easier than this…sleeping actually stimulates the production of a hormone called “HGH” or “Human Growth Hormone” that regulates our metabolic weight loss levels in a huge way.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, or stress is causing you to miss out on your usual full night’s rest, it’s a good bet your HGH levels have fallen dramatically without you knowing it.

To create an environment that lets you get the most out of your sleep time be sure to shut off the computer, TV, DVD player, or any other distraction at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Spend that time doing a soft meditation where you tell yourself that everything is OK and you’re going to be fine. You WILL achieve your goals.

Meditation is one of the key ways Asian women knock off excess weight, and regulate our metabolic weight loss efforts. It’s extremely powerful and it works, try it tonight!

4. If you just can’t lose weight EVER, try this secret tip – I know it can be depressing, but if you’re upset because nothing has worked you need to learn one of the most powerful secret free methods that Asian women do to force fat off of their belly and thighs in less than a month…WITHOUT starving or doing crazy workouts.