Metal Detecting Tools

So you have bought a metal detector and you are ready to venture out on your first metal detecting hunt. Before you go ask yourself ‘What metal detecting tools do I need?’ To a certain extend that depend on the geography of the area you want to explore. Is it on the beach, in the park or in the mountains? To save you time and effort on the excavation of a find you will need the following tools:

Pouch – The first item that you need is a pouch to store all the items in that you collect and that you would like to investigate closer at your leisure later on. Some metal detectorists have a second smaller pouch to keep the valuables in and they use the larger one for all the other items. You can buy very fancy pouches designed for metal detecting but any regular shoulder bag should do the trick.

Digging   Trowel  – The second tool that you need is a digging  trowel , especially for the beach. The  trowel  will probably be not very useful anywhere else but it is small and you never know so take it along. Again there is a wide range of digging  trowels  available in different sizes, from 10 inch to 14 inches and you even get some in stainless steel. There is also digging tools available that can be used as a digger, a saw or a knife. It is not necessary to buy an expensive metal detecting  trowel , any garden  trowel  will do the job just as well. You even get a Nylon garden  trowel  that is my favorite and it is ideal for the saltwater and beach.

Metal Detecting Scoop – The third tool that you need is a scoop. The scoop has an aluminum bucket with holes punched into the sides and the back of the scoop and a handle that is welded to the top of the bucket. The idea behind the scoop is that you scoop up some sand and then you can sift the sand though the holes to capture the item in the scoop. There are various models available from hand scoops to scoops on long handles, scoops where the bucket is welded at an angle. I use a tin that I punched holes in and I have screw on a wooden handle with two 90 degree brackets and it work just as well.

Digger or a Spade – The fourth tool that you need is a small digger. Any foldable camping spade or digger will be just perfect as it can be carried in your pack out of the way. Again you don’t need to go the expensive way and you can use any garden spade. However I prefer the smaller lady type garden spades above the bigger and bulky garden spades just to keep the weight down especially if you need to hike quite a distance.

With these basic tools for metal detecting you will be set for your metal detecting expedition, happy treasure hunting.