Metal Handrail

Metal handrail can add a very aesthetically appealing touch to your home and garden as well as being extremely durable. Given that just about every home has steps, stairs or, at the very least, a slope of some kind, there are very few properties which could not benefit from a well-crafted metal handrail.

Most metal handrail is made of steel since it is cheaper than its main alternatives – wrought iron and aluminium. Although, of course, the principal reason for the balustrade railing is safety, with a few considerations and little touches, it can also be a thing of beauty which can enhance the value of your home. A simple scroll at the end of the balustrade can not only provide a visually-appealing feature, it can also offer a more secure handhold for disabled people or youngsters.

The concept of metal handrail has changed considerably in the last few years. Not long ago, all that was on offer were pieces of steel pipe or tube inserted through hoops which were fixed to the wall or welded to posts. Effective and utilitarian certainly but not particularly aesthetic. Nowadays the only limit is your pocket and your imagination. Metal handrail comes in all profiles and is made to suit just about every slope application you are likely to encounter.

Before you choose your metal handrail, you will obviously need to take into account local regulations relating to stairs, steps and slope access and any disability requirements you need to allow for. This is particularly relevant if you are in business although even domestic applications are becoming increasingly regulated with respect to access requirements. If the metal handrail is to be sited outside, another factor to take into account is vehicular traffic. For example, if the struts of the handrail are set at a certain angle, then the struts will appear as a solid mass to any driver approaching. This can be very dangerous if there is a crossing with animals and small children being effectively invisible. If you have that situation, talk to a civil engineer who will be able to guide you into purchasing the right type of metal handrail.

Finally, after you have chosen your scrolls, end pieces, balustrade and railing, you can now decide on a colour scheme. Why not choose something bright and cheerful like pillar-box red, blue, green etc? This will both protect the steel and also enhance the beauty of your new handrail.

Expect to pay £60 to £100 (US$120-200) per metre for installed and painted metal handrail.