Metal Railings Make the Perfect Handrails

The Importance of  Handrails 

Almost every home has stairs of some kind. They may be stairs that lead to your front door, stairs that lead to your second story or stairs that lead to your downstairs. The type of  handrails  you choose can accentuate whatever type of stairs you have in your home.


 Handrails  are a way to add elegance and creativity to your home if you use the right kind of  handrails . Metal railings are a popular style of  handrail  as well as wrought iron and wood. Although the main reason and purpose for  handrails  is safety, this does not mean that they can’t be attractive and aesthetically appealing to you and your guests.  Handrails  are much more attractive and versatile then what was offered years ago. Today we have choices of wood, iron, aluminum and steel. You’ll have so many choices that you won’t know which one to get for your stairs.

When  handrails  were first used years ago, the most common type was pieces of pipes that were mounted to the stairs, walls or ramps. While they served their purpose for safety, they weren’t very attractive. Today we can have the combination of safety and beauty. Whether you’re choosing  handrails  for your home or business, you have a large selection to choose from including metal railings, exquisitely designed wooden railings or wrought iron railings to name just a few of the most popular. Contractors and architects have knowledge, tools and the sense of creativity to design some of the most beautiful  handrails  to complement their stairs and entire home.

Considerations When Choosing  Handrails 

When you choose  handrails  for your home or business, appearance will probably be your first consideration followed by safety or vice versa. However, other things need to be considered such as design, cost, maintenance and local regulations. There are established codes that need to be considered regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act for stairs and ramps, particularly if you are in business. There are specific dimensions and heights, which are recommended.

Unlike days of the past when  handrails  were simple and plain, today you have the opportunity to choose from brass  handrails , steel  handrails , wood  handrails  or glass  handrails  and balustrades. The type of  handrails  you choose is a matter of personal preference as well as your choice of balustrades, which are not available in lightweight materials as opposed to the concrete and stone ones of the past.

Recommendations for  Handrails 

Although we have our choices of  handrails , with many now available, there are certain types that are better than others are. Stainless steel  handrails  are best for outdoor use as they are corrosion resistant. For a custom and elegant look, choose wrought iron or custom-made glass  handrails . Metal or aluminum  handrails  are best for the places where you want lightweight yet durable.