Microsoft Excel Basics – How to Embed a Chart

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that allows you to take data from your worksheet and position the chart within the worksheet. This type of chart is known as an Embedded Chart.

The first step for creating your chart is to select the data that you want to chart. Ensure that you select the labels for the rows and column. Don’t select any invalid data such as empty cells or cells that you don’t want in your chart.

Once you have selected the data the next step is to choose the type of chart that you require. Microsoft Excel provides a whole range of chart types such as an Area Chart, Bar Chart, Scatter Chart, Column Chart, Pie Chart, Pyramid chart and many more. To choose a different chart type choose the Chart Type button and click on the down arrow to the right of the button to bring out the Chart drop down box.

Excel essentially creates a chart from the data selected and the chart will be placed on top of the data. Once the chart is created, the chart will have eight handles, which is essentially eight small square boxes located at each key point on the chart.

To select a chart, click once on the chart with your left mouse button. To change the chart type at any time, select the chart and choose a different type from the Chart Type button.

Moving and Sizing a Chart

The biggest issue with Microsoft Excel is that when you do create a chart it places it over the data. Microsoft allows you to move the chart. To move the chart place your mouse pointer over the chart, hold your left mouse button down and keep it held down whilst you drag the chart to the required position.

To resize the chart, first click once on your chart with the left mouse button. This will activate the chart and then move your mouse pointer over one of the eight black handles. You will know when you are over the right position because the handle will change from a left pointing arrow to a double-headed arrow. Then hold your left mouse button down while you drag the handle to the required size.

If you select a handle located in the corner of the chart, you can adjust both sides of the chart.

Saving the Embedded Chart

Saving an Embedded Chart does not require any special tasks to be undertaken. Just save the file as you would normally and the embedded chart will be saved with the data. When you open the file again the chart will be in the same position.