Microsoft Excel Tips – Adding a Table to Excel (Excel Tables)

Decide on the list of information you need to keep in the Table. With your mouse highlight the entire area. Next go to the menu at the top and select insert. Now you will have an option for Table. When you select Table, Excel 2007 also lets you select a new style for the table. (Short Cut key is Ctrl L or Ctrl T) Keyboard shortcut You can also press CTRL + L or CTRL + T.

The new styles are called Themes. Notice you can place you mouse over a Theme and the Table you selected will give you a preview of what the new Table could look like. When you find one you want click on it with the mouse. If you do not fine any themes you like look to the right of the sample Themes and you will see arrows that will expand the list.

Several really nice things about a Table are that you can filter the data. Say for instance the first column is Inventory item, and the second column is the warehouse it is in and they third is the vendor you purchased the product from and so on. Now without anything else you can simply filter to see what items came from a specific warehouse, or that would be purchased on a specific day.

Another benefit of a Table is that it is dynamic. In may example go to the bottom right field and press the TAB key. You will see a NEW record appear. You do not have to change the Table information; it automatically changes as you go. If you have a named field it does not change, but if you make the named area inside a Table then the named field becomes dynamic.