Microsoft Outlook Quote of the Day Setup

Instructions for setting up the Quote of the Day in Outlook

Note to Technicians: You will need to log in with administrative rights to the machine and copy the Quote of the day folder to the user's desktop. You will also need to give the user temporary administrative rights over the machine in order for them to copy the required .dll file to the specified location as dictated by these instructions.)

1. From the user's Log in open Outlook, click Tools, Macro, Visual Basic Editor

2. Open the file Add history statement.txt or Add History Statement-No Prompt.txt with notepad from the folder you placed on the user's desktop and copy the entire contents (the text file with No Prompt will automatically add the text to the messages and the other text file will prompt the user for every message sent)

3. In the Visual Basic Editor, expand Project1, Microsoft Office Outlook, ThisOutlookSession and paste the code into the editor window (note: If you do not see the editor window within the window pane on the right, right click ThisOutlookSession and choose view code .)

4. Copy the redemption.dll file located within the folder that was copied on the desktop to c: windowssystem32

5. Open a command prompt and navigate to c: windowssystem32, enter regsvr32 redemption.dll and click enter. (Note: if you are not familiar with navigating through DOS you must use the "cd" command.) (Example:> cd c: windowssystem32). Click OK when successful

6. Click Tools, Digital Signature, Choose, select the user's CA certificate not the E-Mail cert and click OK two (2) times

7. Click Tools, References, find Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library and check mark it. Find the Redemption Outlook Library 4.5 item and check mark it

8. Close the Visual Basic Editor

9. Close Outlook

10. When prompted if you want to save the VBA project, click Yes

11. You may be prompted for your PIN, if so enter it

12. Open Outlook

13. When prompted with the Microsoft Outlook Security Notice, click Trust all Documents from this Publisher

Having your own random "quotes of the day" in Microsoft outlook can be a way cool thing to put in your signature block on all outgoing emails. With the right tools you can accomplish a lot with technology these days.